Aldi vs Tesco: How Much Do You Really Save at Aldi?

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2019)

I’ve been a big Aldi fan for a few years now as I’m always trying to save money on the weekly food shop. However, I’ve noticed some of the prices creeping up slightly over the last year. Leading me to question, is Aldi the cheapest supermarket?

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads that show the 40% savings based on a comparable basket at one of the big four supermarkets. The key thing with this though – these price comparisons are based on the branded alternative.
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How Much Do You Really Save at Aldi? The Results May Surprise You...

The Limitations of Aldi

There are several disadvantages of using Aldi rather than one of the big 4 supermarkets.

Aldi Has a Smaller Range.

Now there’s a reason for this. Holding a more concentrated range lets Aldi focus purely on best-selling lines to keep prices low. Check out the articles below if you want to know more.

Reasons why Aldi’s Groceries are so Cheap

Aldi Secrets Behind Cheap Prices

But, this does mean you might need to do a top-up shop somewhere else…

No Coupons

Aldi doesn’t issue money off vouchers. These can bag you some big savings with the traditional supermarkets. You’re also limited when it comes to using manufacturer coupons. As Aldi mainly sells its own products, you won’t get many opportunities to grab freebies or use manufacturer discount coupons.

No Loyalty Scheme

Aldi is a no-frills discount store first and foremost. As a result, they’ve never had any kind of loyalty scheme. Now you might think the savings outweigh this, but this might not be the case. The Tesco Clubcard, Morrisons More and Nectar Loyalty Schemes,  all allow you to collect points. And boost them in some cases. This means you can get up to 3% of your shop back in voucher spend


Aldi doesn’t appear on the cashback sites or in the cashback apps. This means there are potentially more savings to be had at the big 4 supermarkets when you factor this in.

Limited Promotions.

What Aldi is very good at is providing your basic shop at an ongoing low price. What you don’t benefit from when shopping at Aldi is the chance to exploit promos. There’s always a ton of promotions running at the big 4 supermarkets. So if you’re a savvy shopper, you can probably spot some major bargains, which you wouldn’t find in Aldi.

Limited “Yellow Sticker” Reductions

You get the occasional markdowns in Aldi, but their few and far between. It’s to inevitable as they have such a concentrated range and sell their stock through fast. Mainstream supermarkets, however, nearly always have a reduction section so you can grab a bargain. My personal favourites are fresh meat that you can freeze for up to 3 months and defrosted when you need it.

Aldi Doesn’t Deliver Groceries

This is a big factor for me. One of the issues we have is lack of spare time which is why switching to online deliveries is something we’re considering.

So Is Aldi Cheaper Than Tesco?

In this test, I’ll compare a real weekly shop for a family of four at Aldi with the equivalent shop at Tesco. Is the saving as big as we all think, or has the gap narrowed? How much cheaper is Aldi really?
I carried out our normal weekly shop. It was a big one too – we’ve just moved house, so we’d run down a lot of stuff before move day.
I then headed online and compared each item with the equivalent from Tesco. It’s not an exact science as some items are slightly different weights and pack sizes but it’s pretty close.
Now, this is a big list so if you want to skip straight to the results just click here.

Aldi vs Tesco: The Results

Baby Products

A: Jumbo Pack Nappies Size 4 x 84 £4.39
T: Fred And Flo Ultra Dry Size 4 Nappies 48 Pack (£2.99 / £0.06 each) £5.04 (equivalent number of Nappies)
Follow On Baby Formula
A: £6.99
T: £8.00 Cow & Gate Formula

Baby Products Total

Aldi: £11.38
Tesco: £13.04
Saving: £1.66

Cleaning Products

Kitchen Cleaner
A: £0.75
T: £0.70
All in One Cleaner 1Ltr
A: £0.79
T: £1.00

Cleaning Products Totals:

Aldi: £1.54
Tesco: £1.70

Cooking Ingredients

Olive Oil
A: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml £2.19
T: Olivio Oil 1L (£1 off) £2.00
Burrito Dinner Kit
A: £0.99 (I only bought this because of the offer)
T: £3.19 (Old El Passo as no own brand option)
Tomato Puree
A: £0.34
T: £0.50 (offer available 2 for £0.90)
Garlic Granules
A: £0.49
T: £0.80

Cooking Ingredients Total

Aldi: £4.01
Tesco: £6.49
An Aldi Saving of £2.48 / 38%

Biscuits, Crisps & Snacks

 Variety Crisps – 30 Pack
A: £2.50
T: £2.49
Melts / Skips
A: 0.99 (pack of 10)
T: £1.00 (KP Skips pack of 6)
Oaties Biscuits
A: £0.36
T: £0.36
Biscuits, Crisps and Snacks Total
Aldi: £3.85
Tesco: £3.85
No difference between the two here.

Dairy Products

Greek Light Yoghurt
A: Own Brand – 2 Packs of 4 £0.99 each / £1.98 spend
T: Mueller Light Greek Yoghurt x 4 £1.25 each / £2.50 spend (50% off promo)
Fromage Frais
A: Little Delights Fromage Frais x 6 £0.75
T: Creamfields Fromage Frais x 12 £0.73

Dairy Products Total

Aldi: £2.73
Tesco: £3.23
Aldi Saving: £0.50

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Large Onions x 3
A: £0.48
T: £0.65
Royal Gala Apples
A: £0.97 – Pack of 6
T: £1.60 – Pack of 5
A: £0.59 – Pack of 3
T: £0.90 – 3 Loose Lemons (30p each)
 A: £0.99 – Mini Bananas Pack of 6
T: £0.90 – Small Bananas Pack of 6
Sweet Leaf Salad
A: £0.60
T: £0.62
Large Flat Mushrooms
 A: £0.49
T: £1.00

Fresh Fruit & Veg Total

Aldi: £4.12
Tesco: £5.67
£1.55 cheaper at Aldi (27% Saving)

Fresh & Cooked Meat

Unsmoked Back Bacon
A: £1.49
T: £1.02 – Woodside Farms Back Bacon
Diced Chicken
A: £1.99 – 410g
T: £1.82 – Willow Farms Diced Chicken Breast 375g
Diced Beef – 400g
A: £2.59
T: £2.59
Lean Beef Mince 5% Fat – 500g
A: £3.15
T: £3.39
Cooked Ham
A: Ham Trimmings £1.79
T: Eastman’s Honey Roast Ham 400G £1.45
Fresh and Cooked Meat Total
Aldi: £11.01
Tesco: £10.27
A slight saving of £0.74 for Aldi but there’s definitely not much between the two when it comes to fresh meat.

Frozen Food

Stonebaked Pizza x 2
A: £0.67 each – £1.34 total
T: £1.50 each – £3.00 total (3 for £4 offer available though)
Garlic Baguette
A: £0.68
T: £0.72
Fish Fingers
A: £1.35 for a pack of 15 fish fingers
T: £1.08 for a pack of 10, so Aldi works out cheaper per fish finger
Straight Cut Chips 1.5kg
A: £0.90
T: £0.95
Frozen Broccoli
A: £0.85
T: £1.10
Frozen Petit Pois Peas
A: £0.89
T: £1.60
Frozen Sweetcorn
A: £0.79
T: £0.72

Frozen Food Total

Aldi: £6.80
Tesco: £9.17
A saving of £2.37 / 26% for Aldi on Frozen Food

Store Cupboard – Tins, Jars Packets

Sliced Beetroot
A: £0.75
T: £1.10
Cheese & Broccoli Pasta & Sauce
A: £0.37
T: £0.50
Tinned Ravioli x 2 Tins
 A: £0.42 each – £0.84 total
T: £0.55 each – £1.10 total
Tuna Chunks in Brine x 2 Tins
A: £0.65 each – £1.30 total
T: £0.95 each – £1.90 total
Tinned Soup – 3 Tins (Tomato, Chicken, Vegetable)
 A: £0.35 each, £1.05 total
T: £0.45 each, £1.35 total
Baked Beans – 4 Pack
A: £0.98
T: £1.00
Spaghetti Hoops
A: £0.14
T: £0.21
Tinned Chick Peas
A: £0.33
T: £0.40 (4 for £1 offer available though)
Red Kidney Beans
A: £0.30
T: £0.49 (4 for £1 offer available though)

Store Cupboard Total

Aldi: £6.20
Tesco: £8.26
A saving for Aldi once again of £2.06 or 25%

Everything Else

Quilted Toilet Tissue x 9 Rolls
A: £2.99
T: £3.35
Tinned Cat Food x 6 Tins
A: £2.34
T: £2.50
Apple & Blackcurrant Squash 1.5L
A: £0.85
T: £1.00
Rich Roast Coffee 200g
A: £1.49
T: £2.00
Cotton Pads
A: £0.69
T: £1.20
Crumpets – Pack of 6
A: £0.35
T: £0.50

Grand Total: How Much Cheaper is Aldi

Total Aldi Spend: £60.35

Total Tesco Spend: £72.23
Saving by Shopping at Aldi: £11.88 which is 16%
So, yes Aldi is still cheaper than Tesco, but not by as much as I thought. We’ve been considering switching from Aldi to online delivery for while now. This is mainly due to how little time we have with two young children.
So, the main question here is – is the saving of just under £12 worth your time? 

Savings YouWon’t Get At Aldi

Now let’s factor in the extra savings you could make with Tesco to see of this levels the playing field.

Remove Products I Wouldn’t Usually Buy

I’ve removed the Burritos kit as I wouldn’t have usually bought this – I just bought it as it was a promo. So it’s not really a fair comparison.

New Tesco Spend: £69.04

New Aldi Spend: £59.36

Revised Saving: £9.68

Tesco’s 10p a litre off Petrol voucher

Factoring in Tesco’s 10p a litre off petrol promotion makes a big difference. Let’s say 50 Litre fill up based on a small hatchback such as a Ford Focus.

Saving: £5.00

Revised Tesco Spend: £64.04

Revised saving by using Aldi £4.68

We do have a larger car too which takes around 60 litres to fill up, which would result in a £6 saving.

Tesco Clubcard Points

Tesco Clubcard points give you another saving. You get 1 point per £1 spend. 1 point = 1p voucher value. But, you can Boost Clubcard Points to triple the value of your points. This effectively gives you a further 3% saving.

With boost: £0.69 x 3 = £2.07

Without boost: £0.69

Revised Tesco Spend (with Boost): £61.97

Revised Aldi Saving: £2.61

So with Tesco’s 10p per litre off fuel offer and Clubcard points factored in, the gap has narrowed to just £2.61. Aldi still ends up cheaper but only just.

But wait there’s, more ways you can save….


If you’re a new online customer, you can also grab one of the Cashback offers below.

You can get £6.50 cashback through Quidco for a new customer grocery order placed online with a minimum spend of £45.

You can sign up for Quidco here and get £5 just for signing up.

TopCashback currently offers a slightly lower £6.30 cashback for a New Customer Online Purchase over £45.

You can sign up for TopCashback here and get a £5 Amazon e-gift card.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money when shopping online check out this post, 

Cashback Apps

Cashback Apps give you cash back for your in-store shopping. They tend to be limited to specific offers but they’re all well worth having to give you some extra savings. The offers are for branded products so you’re unlikely to be able to use these at Aldi.

  • Quidco’s instore cashback app, ClickSnap currently has 29 cashback offers at Tesco. You can download the ClickSnap App at iTunes or Google Play for Android
  • Shopmium currently has 21 offers at Tesco. This includes a freebie worth £1.29 for a bottle of Robinsons Refresh’d. You can sign up with my referral code: 66s9i to receive an extra freebie too. It’s currently a FREE Tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, but this is subject to change. You can download the Shopmium App at iTunes if you have an iPhone or Google Play if you’ve got an Android phone.
  • CheckoutSmart currently has 35 offers at Tesco. Again CheckputSmart is available on Google Play or iTunes.
  • GreenJinn is a relatively new app (launched in 2016). New offers go live every Monday with an average weekly offer value of £30. Get GreenJinn on Android or iOS.

Want to learn more about cashback apps? Check out my post on how to save money using cashback apps.

Vouchers and Coupons

There’s always plenty of vouchers from major brands and supermarkets. The free Tesco magazine usually has some decent vouchers in it including the odd freebie. So, it’s worth checking out the deals page on MoneySavingExpert to find the most up to date list.

At the time of writing this post, Tesco has a coupon in its magazine for £1.50 off Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream 500ml. The offers valid until 30th November 2018.

So as you can see, my Aldi vs Tesco comparison produced some surprising results. I’m certainly reconsidering if Aldi should remain my choice for the weekly shop. Do you think Aldi is as cheap as we’re led to believe, or do the offers available elsewhere close the gap? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your weekly shop check out my post:

11 Insanely Easy Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

All offers and prices quoted in this post correct at time of publish.

How Much Do You Really Save at Aldi? The Results Might Surprise You



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