New Blog Traffic Report: 2 Months In

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2019)

Welcome to my second blog traffic report. I’ll run through my traffic stats for January along with my thoughts on my second month promoting a new blog.

Why Am I Writing This Report?

As a new blogger, I’m a member of a lot of new blogger Facebook groups and one of the common questions that comes up is:

“How much traffic should I expect when I first start blogging?”

Now, having searched around online, there are plenty of blog traffic reports written by people after they’ve “made it”. Often these posts have huge traffic numbers almost from Day 1. They’re also usually titled: “How I got X thousand pageviews and made $XXX in my first month on a new blog” etc etc. Now, I’ve no doubt that these reports are genuine, but I don’t think they’re the “norm”.

That’s all well and good and they’re very motivational. But, unfortunately, as a new blogger when the reality kicks in, it can be incredibly disheartening. Especially, if you’re comparing yourself against these massive success stories.

That’s why I wanted to track my traffic as it happens on my new blog so other new bloggers can read some more down to earth stats… So here goes, my blog traffic stats for my second month promoting my blog. For the purposes of this, I started my month 1 report in December as this is when I actually started trying to get traffic. I put up around 4 posts during November after buying my domain at the end of October rather than building my blog and “launching” with a “go-live” date… I felt it better to have the site live (albeit with zero traffic) so I could start posting consistently. This would hopefully be a positive signal to search engines.

As you’ll no doubt have found out, if you don’t actively promote your blog when you start, you will receive, precisely, zero visitors. It takes a long time to get a decent ranking in search engines, so the early days of blogging can be incredibly frustrating.

So, before I get into the numbers, what happened in January.

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Blog Traffic Report - Month 2. What to expect when you've just started blogging. Are you looking for a blog traffic report for a normal blog? Maybe you've read the posts with incfredible pageviews in the first month of blogging but you haven't found the same? In this blog traffic report I reveal my pageviews for the second month of a new blog… and no they're not huge but these are genuine numbers from a begijnner blogger. #blogging #blogtraffic

January Blog Roundup

In January I created 4 new posts for the blog.

I was also featured by Helen at Budgeting is a Challenge in her post about teaching children about money. This is a topic I’m really keen on having two young children. So, I was delighted to have my tips included in this alongside several other top UK bloggers who I admire a lot. Thanks again Helen!

So, without further ado, onto the numbers.

Now, if you read my first Blog Traffic report, you’ll know that in December I had 454 Visitors, 549 Sessions and 809 Pageviews in my first month. Nearly all of this traffic was from Pinterest and Facebook.

Month 2 Blog Traffic Stats

Now, the good(ish) news is that I hit 1000 pageview in January (just)… This was a number I had in my head, but I by no means smashed my goal here. I literally just scraped over 1000 pageviews as you’ll see from the screenshot from Google Analytics below.


Google Analytics New Blog Traffic Overview Screenshot Month 2

So, as you can see, I got 655 users to the site in January (up from 454), had 785 sessions (up from 549) to give me 1,050 pageviews (up from 809). A modest increase, but it certainly won’t break any records!!!

Domain Authority – 5 (up from 4)

Now for those of your who aren’t familiar with Domain Authority (I know I wasn’t), Domain Authority is ranking created by Moz to rank a websites likelihood of ranking in search. It builds up over time as a domain ages and one of the primary factors in this score is backlinks…

Again, I’m sure you know what a backlink is, but if you’re brand new you might not have heard the term before. A backlink is basically an incoming link to your site coming from another website.

Obviously, when you just start out you have precisely zero of these and no domain authority whatsoever as a result. That means the chances of ranking anywhere to speak of in Google when you first start out is farfetched to say the least.

In Googles eyes, your site is untested and untrusted so you need to build up your authority before you can rank. That’s my take on it – it’s obviously way more in-depth and complicated than that so if you’re interested take a look at this post for more info.

Most Popular Content

My two most popular pieces of content by far have been my post about website testing and my Aldi vs Tesco price comparison post.

My resources for new bloggers post and tips and tricks for saving money with online shopping have also performed well over the month.

Google Analytics Traffic Overview New Blog Month 2 Screenshot

Where Did the Traffic Come From?

Again, my traffic mainly came from social media. Although, promisingly, despite my non-existent domain authority, I did get a few visits from search engines – woo-hoo!! Only 53 (just over 8%) but this early on I think that’s promising to be honest. Before starting my blog, I read in several places that you shouldn’t expect anything from Google for at least 6 months…

Social: 540 users, 650 sessions to give 825 pageviews

Organic Search: 53 visitors, 60 sessions to give 78 pageviews.

Direct: 52 users, 63 sessions, 120-page views

Referral: 12 visitors, 12 sessions, 25 pageviews

Google Analytics Traffic Acquisition New Blog Month 2 Screenshot

Social Media Traffic Breakdown

Pinterest: 453 Visitors, 553 sessions, 691 pageviews

This makes up the bulk of my traffic as Pinterest is my primary promotional tool.

My traffic has slowly been increasing over the month as you can see from the screenshot below. My low days were around 5 visitors a day at the start of January. By the end of the month, I had 9 visitors on the low days with a couple of days where Pinterest sent 30 visitors to my blog.

Pinterest Analystics Traffic January 2109 Screenshot

Facebook: 89 visitors, 96 sessions, 133 pageviews.

Most of the Facebook traffic is from Facebook groups. There are several Facebook groups for new bloggers when you can share your latest blog post. I’ve been taking part in a lot of the Facebook group share threads over the month. I’m going to reduce or stop this completely next month as don’t feel it’s a great source of genuine traffic.

Twitter: 1 visitor to give a solitary pageview. I don’t really focus on Twitter at all, so don’t expect anything from this channel as a rule.

Google Analytics Social Traffic January 2019 Screenshot

Pinterest Stats

I’m monitoring my Pinterest stats as it’s my main source of traffic and focus for promotion.

Pinterest Followers: I ended January with 606 Pinterest followers up from 491 at the end of December.

Pinterest monthly views: 90.4k, 1,716 engaged

Pinterest Profile Screenshot Jan 31st 2019

Pinterest Reach Jan 19 only screenshot

Last Months Goals

Now, last month I set some Goals both for my blog and side hustles so how did I get on?

Side Hustles

Now I had two goals this month for side hustles. They were to start matched betting and sign up with more website testing sites. I did neither and here’s why

Now, I actually sat down and signed up with one of the main Matched betting sites at the start of the month. But for some reason, it just didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me.

When I sat down and thought about it, I think it comes down to my mindset towards gambling generally.

Now, I know Matched Betting technically isn’t gambling, however, I’d still be an active participant in the gambling industry. The mantra that gambling is a bad idea and something that needs to be avoided at all costs has been drilled into me from an early age. And it’s served me well. So, it’s not for me….

Last month I also mentioned I had quite a lot of catching up to do with my freelance work. The upshot is I haven’t had the time to freelance, work on this blog and side hustle in a meaningful way. Having a young family makes you time poor unfortunately so I’ve had to prioritise.

This Blog

  1. Write 4 Blog Posts – Yes. I just managed this again by the skin of my teeth. My last post went live on 31st January…
  2. Join more Pinterest Group Boards – Yes. I’ve joined several new group boards in January. I’m now on a total of 22 group boards. Quite a few of these are general all niche boards though. So, I still need to work on getting into a few more niche specific group boards.

Goals for February

  1. Write 3 Blog Posts

I aim to post once a week so hopefully I should be able to hit 4, but, it’s half term so I’m off all week with the boys. The realist in me is saying that my last post will probably slide into March…

  1. Write a Decent About Me Page

I have an About Post that I put up when I first set up this site, but it was a post I kind of “threw up” there. I’ve also been trying to really figure out what I want to focus on and talk about. So, I think it’s important to get this nailed down this month.

  1. Set up an email list again

Yeah – attempt number 2. Maybe this month…

  1. Join 8 more niche specific Pinterest Group Boards.

I’m in quite a few all niche boards at the moment but my best performing boards tend to be niche group boards, so I need more of these.

Final Thoughts

Phew! If you’re still with me thanks for reading – that turned into a much longer post than I planned!

All in all, I’ve found January to be a bit of an up and down month to be honest. I think I’ve got the direction of this blog clear in my head now in terms of what I do and don’t want to write about.

My traffic increased slightly, although the early days are hugely frustrating. This is the main reasons I wanted to write these reports. Hopefully, other people in the early stages will be able to relate.

I was featured in my first roundup post – really chuffed with this!

My Pinterest account and traffic seems to be going in the right direction, albeit very slowly…

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful. Can you relate to any of this? How are you getting on with your goals at the moment? Any frustrations or wins? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Frustrations of a New Blogger Month 2 Traffic Report. In my second month blog traffic report I'll reveal my pageviews and sessions on my new 2 month old blog. And no, they're no huge but they are genuine blogg traffic figures from a new beginner blogger. If you're looking for tips on what to expect with realistic pageviews, then read on. #beginnerblogger #newblogger


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