CheckoutSmart App Review: What is it and is it Any Good?

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your supermarket shop, then supermarket cashback apps are a handy little helping hand. In fact, the average weekly shop in the UK comes in at a whopping £60.60, which is a big chunk of cash each week.

So, today I’ll be reviewing one of my favourite cashback apps, CheckoutSmart, to see if it’s a good way to save a bit more on your weekly shop.

This along with Shopmium (my other favourite) tend to have the most offers available. For more information about Shopmium, take a look at my review and sign up with my referral code 66s9i to bag yourself a FREE Tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. But as we’re talking about Checkout Smart today, let’s get into the review.

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What is Checkoutsmart?

Checkoutsmart is a supermarket cashback app that allows you to claim cash back by scanning your receipts. It provides you with offers through the app that give you cashback on selected items up to a maximum of 100% cashback. Yes, you read that right – you can get free stuff using the app!

How Does CheckoutSmart Work?

It’s really simple to use. To get started you just need to sign up for an account either on either the website or within the app using your email address or your Facebook account. You can download the app on either Google Play or the App Store.

You can then see all the offers available in the app (or on the website if you prefer). Then when you next go shopping simply buy some of the products featured, then upload a picture of your receipt to claim your cashback. The official video from CheckoutSmart is below…

Once your receipt is approved you get an email confirmation. Then you can request pay-out to either your PayPal or Bank Account once you’ve got over £1 for your first payment and £5 for future payments. An important pint to note however is that all payments below £20 have a 5% processing fee which is a bit of a bummer…

Where Can I Use CheckoutSmart?

This is one of the places CheckoutSmart really excels. There are loads of retailers where you can use the app including:

  • Sainsburys
  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Asda
  • Lidl and Aldi (although I haven’t seen many offers on there for these)
  • Maltsmith Pubs (yes you can even get a free pint with the app!)
  • Boots and Superdrug
  • M&S, Waitrose and Ocado
  • Co-op, Spar, One Stop Budgens and Bargain Booze

Plus loads more… The screenshot below shows all the retailers where you can use CheckoutSmart.

CheckoutSmart Full Retailer List Screenshot

One of the nice things about the app is the filtering option. When you open up the main offers screen you just have a big long list of offers which by Default is sorted with newest offers first.

You can easily change this though by clicking on the “Filter” button in the top right of the screen.

Then above the filter section, it gives you the option to change how the results are sorted.

CheckoutSmart Filter and Sort Option Screenshot

You can choose between:

  • New offers then by category
  • Cashback £ saving: high to low
  • Cashback % saving: high to low – if you’re specifically looking for freebies this is your best option as it pulls them all up to the top. There are currently 5 Freebies on the app, but you’ll need to check where they’re available.

At the time of writing, there are 80 offers available in total, but new ones get added all the time as older offers are expired.

Here are a couple of the freebies currently available on CheckoutSmart – a FREE pint of Maltsmiths and a FREE bottle of Maltsmiths lager (660ml) available at Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.

CheckoutSmart Maltsmith Free Beer Offers

Can I use it with other Promotions?

Yes, you can which is great as it allows you to stack offers potentially. All CheckoutSmart Rewards are in-addition to in-store promotions and loyalty scheme promo’s such as Morrisons More and Nectar points offers

The only exclusions are things that have been reduced to clear or fresh produce that’s been reduced as it’s near the end of its shelf life.

Claiming Your Cashback

You can claim your cashback either using the app or the website. I recommend using the app just because it’s simpler as you can take a photo of your receipt within the app.

You’ll be asked:

  • Where you shopped
  • When you shopped there. It needs to be in the last 7 days for your receipt to be approved. You can also only upload a maximum of 3 receipts each day.
  • Which offer you’re claiming (select from the list)
  • How many times you’re claiming the offer

Then upload an image of your receipt.

What’s Good about CheckoutSmart

  • The design of the app is really good. You can see straight away from the offer screen what the offer is i.e. is it a freebie or how much cash back you’ll get. The app also tells you the impact this has on the overall price such as Better than Half Price, Half Price, A third off, etc. This is much better than Shopmium which has a rather annoying feature where you have to click into an offer to see the cashback value…
  • There are always plenty of offers on Checkout smart (90 offers at the time of writing this review) across a variety of retailers.
  • The sort and filter functions are useful too. I like to sort by the percentage of cashback off first if I’m looking for Freebies or just by supermarket if I’m heading somewhere to do a shop. This tends to be mainly how I use it rather than making a special trip just for a freebie.
  • A lot of offers can be claimed multiple times which is also a bonus. For instance, there are a couple of freebies on there today that you can claim 3 times and some other offers that can be claimed 10 times (these are only worth it if you actually want the item though!)

What’s not so Good…

  • The main negative for me is the 5% processing fee on anything below £20. This isn’t great when compared with Shopmium that has no charge to get your cashback. There is a decent alternative to this though which is ClickSnap which has some of the same offers but not as many as you’ll find on Checkout Smart. Currently ClickSnap has 32 offers, so just over a third of the offers available on CheckoutSmart. The benefit of ClickSnap though, is that cashback is credited to your Quidco account which doesn’t have a minimum withdrawal. So, I recommend signing up with Quidco and downloading the ClickSnap app as well.
CheckoutSmart Review

My Verdict

All in all, CheckoutSmart’s a handy little app to save a bit more on you weekly grocery shopping with some nice freebies on there too. The Freebies really are no-brainers, but with the cashback offers you’ll need to decide if it’s something you want to buy anyway.

Always remember why brands strike deals to be featured on apps like this. It all comes out of a brands marketing budget. So, cashback is no different to a discount promotion or a Buy 2 get 1 free for example, it’s just presented in a slightly different way.

Freebies, well you can’t really lose on those (just make sure you’ve definitely picked up the right variation of the product).

Have you tried Checkoutsmart? Or perhaps you’ve used some of the other cashback and receipt snapping apps? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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