CitizenMe Survey App Review: Get Paid for Short Surveys on Your Phone

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

Can you earn money on your smartphone with the CitizenMe Survey App? There are loads of apps these days that you can make a bit of extra cash with, hell, you can even get paid to walk using apps.

So, this is another money-making app I’ve loaded onto my phone over the last few weeks to see if they’re worth my time (and your time). Similar to the Streetbees App and the OnePulse app I reviewed recently – Citizien Me allows you to earn some extra cash by answering short surveys in your phone.

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What’s the CitizenMe App all about?

Citizen Me works on the basis that you should be able to control how much data companies hold on you. It also allows you to make a bit of extra money by sharing your data through the app.

The Surveys are short and only take around a minute or so to complete. A little bit like One Pulse though, not all the surveys available to are paid surveys.

Unfortunately, from my experience, I’ve had incredibly few paid surveys on the Citizen Me app.

What Types of Surveys are there on the App?

The types of surveys available on Citizen Me are split into several categories.

Screenshot of the Survey "Tiles" available on the CitizenMe survey app

Coloured “tiles” organise the different types of surveys available on the CitizenMe app

Dark Blue Tiles: INSIGHT

This section contains surveys that give the app an insight into your profile. These vary from questions to sharing your social media profiles to gain insight.

A note on this though, I couldn’t complete the Facebook Insight tile as I hadn’t liked enough pages. According to the support section you need to have liked 20-50 pages for them to be able to gain an insight.

Red Tiles: DONATE

Allow you to donate your data to charities which is quite a nice touch.

Light Blue Tiles: FUN

Short and simple surveys that let you see how your answers compare with other users

Yellow Tiles: INFO

Provide information about how the Citizen Me app works to help you to get the most out of the app.


Hurrah!! The paid surveys!!! These are cash offers from brands in exchange for sharing data or your answers via a survey. The payment amount is clearly shown in the top right hand corner of the tile.

Once you complete one of these, payment is instant via PayPal. This is a great feature as you aren’t waiting around for weeks or months to cash out.

Purple Tiles: UNLOCK

These tiles allow you to unlock more surveys. A little bit like a level up, although I’ve only had about one of these in the 6 weeks or so I’ve had the app on my phone.

How Much Can You Earn with CitzienMe?

I’m sure this is the question you’re interested in! Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news for you. Not much is the short answer.

The surveys typically pay between 10p and 25p so you’re not going to retire early on this! I’ve had the app installed on my phone for over 6 weeks and have had less than £1 worth of paid surveys. Yes, they’re very short questions but, you hardly get any paid questions, just loads of “fun surveys”.

Sorry CitizenMe, this isn’t a great incentive to use your app and share my data with you!!!

The app does allow you to set up push notifications for paid surveys which is good. I just never receive any, as they’re so few and far between.


  • Pays instantly via PayPal
  • Nice design to the App



CitizenMe App Verdict


As you can probably tell I’m not a fan of Citizen Me and have really struggled to get into the app. I’ve had very few paid surveys (probably 3 or 4) so I’ve received less than £1. Based on this I don’t think it’s worth the effort of even downloading the app.

Overall CitzienMe is a bit of a waste of time. You do receive payment so it’s not a scam. But, the amount you’ll receive is so minimal, it’s simply not worth bothering with…

If you do want to give it a try though (you may have more luck than me!), you can download the app either on Google Play for Android or iTunes for IOS.

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