Nectar Points Calculator: How Much Your Points are Worth (and How to Get the Most Value Out of Them)

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2019)

I’m a fairly infrequent shopper at Sainsbury’s, to be honest – unfortunately, they’re just too damn expensive for me (I’m a bit of a tightwad…). But, I’m always looking for ways to save money at the supermarket so always use my Nectar Card to get extra points when I do shop or fill up with petrol there.

What I’m really rubbish at though, is actually cashing them in (I’m the same with Tesco Clubcard points).

In fact, after checking today I’ve amassed over 4000 Nectar Points, which gives me nearly £21 worth of spend. Not bad considering I don’t shop at Sainsbury’s much, or even notice I’m collecting them.

But what are my Nectar Points worth? To make things easier I’ve created a handy little Nectar Points Calculator for this post.

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What is the Nectar Card Scheme?

Nectar is a loyalty card scheme that allows you to collect points at various partner retailers such as Sainsbury’s, eBay and Debenhams. Now if you’re like me you’ve probably already got a Nectar card, especially if you shop at Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s has historically partnered with Nectar rather than having their own loyalty scheme like Tesco Clubcard or Morrisons More. However, in early 2018 after 15 years of  collaboration, Sainsbury’s bought the Nectar scheme.

What are Nectar Points Worth?

Basically, 1 Nectar point is worth 0.5p, so to save up a £1 worth of Nectar points you’ll need 200 of them.

100 Nectar points are worth 50p

500 points are worth £2.50,

1000 points are worth £5, and so on.

But, to make it easier if your maths is a little rusty, I’ve built the handy calculator below. So, you can work out what your Nectar points are worth in good old English pounds and pence.

Simply enter the number of points you have, and the calculator will convert it into pounds.

Nectar Points Calculator

How to Collect Nectar Points

I mainly collect Nectar Points with Sainsbury’s shopping and this is the store they’re most associated with. But you can collect Nectar points at loads of other places – 392 brands in fact.

Nectar Scheme Brand Partners Screenshot


Collect 1 point per £1 spend in Sainsbury’s. They do sometimes run offers though where you can collect more. For example, in the summer they ran a promotion where you can collect 5 X Nectar Points on fresh meat, fish, fruit and veg.

Esso Petrol Stations

You can collect Nectar points at Esso fuel stations. Previously, Nectar partnered with BP but from 1st June 2019 Esso became the fuel partner for the Nectar Scheme.

You can collect 1 point per litre of fuel and 2p for every £1 spent in-store or when you get your car washed.

There are also periodic bonus offers like the one below for 250 points when you fill-up.

Esso Nectar Bonus offer screenshot


Collect 1 point per £1 spend by linking your eBay account with your Nectar account*. This is one of the easiest ways to collect them if you shop on eBay. You literally have to do nothing once you’ve linked your account. No pesky card swiping!


Collect 2 Nectar Points per £1 spend when you shop online.


Collect up to 2 Nectar Points per £1 spend. You only get the headline rate of 2 points per £1 on package, hotel, car or activity bookings. If you’re just booking flights through Expedia, you’ll only get 1 Nectar Point for every pound.

The way you can collect Nectar Points on Expedia has changed recently though, which means you need to be a bit careful. You have to access the Expedia site by first going through the Nectar site, as you would with traditional cashback sites such as Quidco* and TopCashback*.

This means that you need to check if you’ll get a better deal via one of the cashback sites, so it’s always best to check first.


If you a fashion fanatic, then you’ll be pleased to know you can collect triple points when you shop at and get 6 points for every £1 you spend.

ASOS Triple Points Nectar Offer

This works out at 3% in Nectar Points, which sounds good. But, you need to access through the Nectar site again so make sure you compare it with the offers on the main cashback sites to check for the best deal.

For example, with TopCashback*, if you’re a new customer you can get a whopping 10%. Existing customers get 3% which is the same as the Nectar deal.

So, make sure you always check to see if you can get a deal on the cashback sites before opting to collect Nectar Points.

More Ways to Earn Nectar Points

Credit Cards

My favourite option is the Sainsbury’s Bank Dual Offer Credit Card (we have this one).

This card lets you collect up to 7,500 bonus Nectar points in your first two months. You can earn 750 bonus points every time you spend £35 or more in Sainsbury’s with your card. You can do this up to a maximum of 10 times in your first 2 months.

Sainsbuy's Bank Credit Card Nectar Offer Screenshot

So, that would be 7,500 points back for a £350 spend over two months, which works out at a better rate than the American Express Card.

You’ll also get bonus Nectar Points on all your other shopping. 2 Nectar Points for every £1 spent at Sainsbury’s (shopping or fuel) and 1 point for every £5 spent anywhere else.

This is a bit measly though! So if you’ve got another cashback credit card, you’re probably better off using this everywhere else.

The card does come with the added bonus of 0% interest on purchases or balance transfers for the first 27 months though. You’ll have a 3% fee or balance transfers though so keep this in mind. And remember to make sure you pay off the balance or switch at the end of the interest-free term. Or you’ll get stung with an interest rate of 20.9% APR….

If you’re looking for a bigger Nectar Points boost, the American Express® Nectar Credit Card could be worth a look.

If you spend £2,000 in the first 3 months you get a bonus of 20,000 Nectar Points (£100 value).

Nectar American Express Credit Card offer screenshot

Plus, you get 2 points per £1 spent on your card on top of your usual points.

The card usually has a £25 a year annual fee, but this is waived for the first year. So, make sure you cancel after the first year as the points you’ll get probably don’t justify the fee.

Browser Extension / Nectar Toolbar

The Nectar Toolbar is worth installing as you get 100 Nectar Points (50p) just for adding it to your browser. Then if you use it as your search engine you can collect up to 200 points a month just for using it as your search engine.

You get 1 point for every 2 searches you make. It’s powered by Yahoo though, so you’ll have to weigh up the results are as good as you usually get if you use Google.

Nectar Toolbar Benefits Screenshot

The toolbar also lets you know when you’re on a website where you can collect points. The toolbar works with either Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.

Get the Nectar Notifier here.

Daily Mail MyMail Rewards

If you’re a Daily Mail reader, then you can collect points by signing up with the MyMail Rewards scheme. Basically, every day a 12 digit unique number is printed on the back of the Daily Mail.

To collect your points all you need to do link your Nectar card to your MyMail account. Then enter this on the myMail website to collect Nectar points.

Daily Mail MyMail Rewards website Screenshot

On Mondays to Fridays, you collect 5 Nectar points each day

Saturdays you get 10 Nectar points,

And Sundays you get 15 Nectar points.

You also get 30 bonus points for collecting all codes for a week.

This means you can collect a maximum of 80 Points a week. Roughly 40p worth of Nectar points

How to Boost Nectar Points

So can you boost your points like you can with the Tesco Clubcard scheme?

No really is the answer. You get the occasional offer but their few and far between. For example, one of the only decent offers used to bea £12 pizza at Pizza Hut for £5 worth of points. Unfortunately, this isn’t available anymore either though…

The best way to boost them is to wait for the Sainsbury’s Double Up promotion which usually runs twice a year. The last one was in November last year with an event this year yet to be announced.

Where to Spend Nectar Points

So, as there’s not really any deals to boost your Nectar points, where should you spend them? The places you can spend Nectar points is pretty limited, to be honest.

Argos, eBay and Sainsbury’s tend to be my go-to places to redeem them, although you don’t tend to get a great deal. You can just swap for the value of the points rather than boosting as you can with Tesco Clubcard points.

  • Spend at Sainsbury’s to get money off your weekly shop. 500 points are worth £2.50 unless they’re running a Double Up event which usually happens twice a year.
  • Redeem Points on eBay– again 500 points are worth £2.50. If you’ve already linked your accounts to collect Nectar points on eBay*, you can get a voucher online by redeeming in multiples of 500 points.
  • Spend Nectar points at Argos. You can spend them online or in-store by swiping your Nectar card at the till and choosing how many points you want to use.
  • Doing a spot of Decorating? You can redeem at Dulux Decorator Centres. Although this one of the more frustrating deals. You’ll have to redeem a minimum of 4,000 Nectar points to get a credit voucher!
  • Use to buy Train Tickets. Swap your Nectar points for either a £2.50, £5, £10, £20 or £50 voucher with LINR (London North Eastern Railway)to use on Advance purchase Train Tickets or use your points to pay in full or part payment on Eurostar Escape Train Tickets – 500 Points are worth £2.50
  • Redeem Nectar Points on Cinema Tickets at Vue Cinemas, but as with most of the deals 500 points only equals £2.50 off.

For more ideas, check out my full guide to spending your Nectar points.

Other Nectar Card Perks

You can get 20% of Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance when you quote a valid Nectar Card Number. You’ll need to weigh this up against better quotes and Cashback availability though.

Nectar 20 percent off Sainsbury's Travel Insurance offer screenshot

Better Exchange rates on Foreign Currency are available for Nectar Card Holders with Sainsbury’s Bank.

Nectar Better rates on Sainsbury's Travel Currrency Offer Screenshot

Plus, you can collect Nectar Points at the same time – 10 Nectar Points for each £100 you exchange.

New Nectar Scheme

Sainsbury’s has recently launched the “New Nectar” scheme. Essentially, it’s a switch to a digital app-based system. Shoppers will still be able to collect their usual 1 Nectar point be £1 spent in-store.

But, the new scheme is meant to reward shoppers with Nectar points for choosing weekly offers similar to Cashback Apps such as Shopmium. Offers are based on stuff they normally buy in Sainsbury’s so it should benefit cardholders.

Nectar App Sainsbury's Offers Screenshot

Nectar Cardholders will be able to tell Sainsbury’s which offers they do and don’t like. Plus, they’ll be able to select five permanent offers to get points on continuously.

You can read more about the New Nectar scheme here.

How to Register for the Nectar Scheme

If you haven’t already got a Nectar card the quickest way to start collecting points is to register online via the Nectar website. You can then use your card number for your next online shop. Or you can pick up in-store at Sainsbury’s.

You can also join by downloading the New Nectar App on Google Play or iTunes.

Signing Off

So, there you have it, how much your Nectar points are worth and how to make the most of them.

How many Nectar Points have you collected and how do you like to spend them? Have you tried the New Nectar scheme? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. As always thanks for reading!

Frequently asked Questions

Which shops give Nectar Points?

You can collect Nectar points at a variety of retailers. The most well-known is Sainsbury’s, but you can also collect points at a wide variety of other retailers such as eBay, Debenhams, Argos as well as Esso garages when you purchase fuel or buy in-store.

Can Nectar points be collected at Argos?

Historically you’ve only been able to spend Nectar points at Argos. But, during selected periods you can collect bonus Nectar points on specific purchases. Bonus Nectar points can’t be collected on every transaction, only promotional transactions, and you’ll need to link your Argos and Nectar accounts to get them.

Can I spend Nectar points on eBay?

Yes, Nectar points can be spent on eBay (as well as collected). You’ll need to connect your eBay and Nectar accounts and set your eBay account up to spend points. You can then swap your Nectar points for vouchers to spend on eBay in 500-point increments.

Does Esso do Nectar Points?

Yes, from 1 June 2019 Esso became Nectar’s partner for fuel (replacing BP). You can collect 1p per litre of fuel and get double points (2 per £1) when you spend in-store or get your car washed.


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