How I Made £154.62 Extra Last Month… without Matched Betting: November Income Report

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

This is my first income report, where I’ll be sharing with you the extra money I’ve made, alongside my standard freelance work.

Now, I’ve picked a bit of an odd month to start as we moved house right in the middle of November. This meant that two weeks were effectively wiped out due to packing and unpacking for the move. Plus, I had a week with no internet connection when we finally moved in. But hey, I started my blog, so I may as well start these reports, right?

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Why am I sharing my Income?

I want to share the income I make from the side hustles I test out so that I can:

  • Track if they’re worth doing or not
  • Track my income – I need to do it anyway for self-assessment. Yes, remember any additional income must be declared to HMRC.
  • So that you can see how each side hustle has worked for me

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November 2018 Income Report: How I Made £154.62 Extra Income in November without Matched Betting

So How Did I get on?

Well, as I mentioned earlier moving house has impacted my extra earnings this month. That being said, I still made an extra £154.62 in November, which isn’t a disaster. Especially, when you consider that this didn’t include Matched Betting, which is one of the most lucrative side hustles around. Now I’ve been wanting to try Matched Betting for a while now, but, again due to the house move I’ve put this on hold. Matched betting can be a bit of no-no when you’re applying for a mortgage as it can be a red flag to the bank. So, to be on the safe side I’ve left it alone until now.

So, here’s the breakdown…

Website Testing Sites – £66

Website Testing was my biggest earner this month. Website testing is one of my favourite ways to make extra money online. Basically, you sign up with a website testing company online. You then need to download their screen recording software and with some sites take a dummy test. You then get website tests to carry out sent to you via email. The pay is great for website testing. The standard rate is $10 per test with a test lasting around 20 minutes. I’d say this is a generous amount of time and you’ll usually be finished faster than this. You might want to take a look at my post on how to make money website testing.

I currently use 5 website testing companies – WhatUsersDo, UserTesting, TryMyUI, Userlytics and TestingTime.

  • The biggest contributor was my Skype focus group with UserTesting. I earnt a whopping $60 for an hours skype call – this equates to roughly £48 for an hour’s work – not too shabby at all!!!
  • WhatUsersDo – £15 – for three 20-minute tests. WhatUsersDo pays in sterling but the rate is slightly lower at £5 per test.
  • TestingTime – £3 – This was for a 5-minute survey. TestingTime is slightly different to most website testing companies. The studies tend to be either skype focus groups or surveys.

Paid Online Surveys – £26.31

When I started looking at ways to make money online, I signed up for a load of survey sites. I’ve quickly knocked most of these on the head though, as the payment rates are so low. I now only use two survey sites that pay a decent amount for my time.

All of this month’s earnings are from Prolific Academic – you can read my full Prolific Academic review here. Prolific Academic is a high-end survey site that pays well for online academic research studies. There’s always plenty of surveys, and the hourly rate is always displayed which is great.

The other survey company I use is PopulusLive. Populus has a set pay rate of £1 per 5 minutes of your time which works out at £12 per hour. I’ve got about £35 in my Populus account at the moment, but you don’t get your payment until your hit £50. It’s then sent out via cheque. Yes really – they use cheques still… but hey, what can you do?!

Survey Apps – £11

I have few money-making apps on my phone now. They’re a useful way to make a bit of extra cash when you have a few spare minutes.

All this month income came from Streetbees. Streetbees is an app that pays really well for short tasks and surveys. It’s a little bit sporadic in terms of getting paid surveys, but when they do come through, they pay well.

The £11 I earnt this month was mainly from taking part in their grocery shopping diary. I basically had to take a picture of my receipt and shopping, then answer a couple of questions about my shopping trip. The app paid £2 per list submitted, which was pretty cool for 5 minutes work each time!

I much prefer Streetbees to two other survey apps I use CitizenMe and OnePulse. I’m still waiting to get to $5 to cash out of OnePulse and didn’t get any paid surveys from CitizenMe in November.

eBay – £22.76

At the back end of the month I sold a few things such as DVD box sets on eBay. I’ve got a few more things to list so plan to carry on with this in December.

Cashback Sites – £26.10

I’m registered with two cashback sites – TopCashback and Quidco. I cashed out of Quidco with a few months’ worth of cashback.

Freebies – £2.45

I had a couple of freebies using the Shopmium App. Shopmium is a cashback app that gives you cash back on certain in-store purchases. This month I had a free jar of Nutella and a free pack of toffee popcorn. You can claim your free jar of Nutella if you sign up with my referral code – 66s9i.

Plans for Next Month

I want to try and increase this figure significantly in December now that we’ve moved house. My main goals are:

1. Start Matched Betting

Matched Betting is one of the most lucrative side hustles around. So now I don’t need to worry about it affecting my mortgage I can give it a try.

2. Sign up for more Website testing sites

Website testing is a really well-paid side hustle, but you don’t get many tests from each site. I’ve signed up with 5 but there are plenty more out there. In my recent post I list out 14 sites in total to sign up with.

3. Write at least 4 Blog Posts

This is one of the areas I underestimated in terms of demand on my time initially. Now Blogging is often labelled as a form of passive income. At the set-up phase though there’s a load of work in terms of creating blog posts and then promoting it. This has taken up quite a lot of my free time during November, but I think it’s worth it in the long run.

4. Set Up an Email List

I currently have no clue how to do this. But everything I read about blogging says you should do this from day 1. So, I’m hoping I can get this set up in December.

Signing Off

So, there you go. My update for November and goals for next month. If you found this useful, I’d love to hear your comments below. How are your side hustles going?

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