KFC Deals & Offers: 15% Off and Free Wings with Colonel’s Club App

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2020)

KFC seems to be my fast food outlet of choice recently. My eldest son has developed a slight KFC obsession, so we usually end up going once a week (as a treat after swimming lessons).

So obviously this got me wondering. How do you get a discount at KFC and what are the best offers to cut the cost of your fried chicken habit? I often use apps like Meerkat Meals and Tastecard at restaurants, but these don’t work at KFC.

So, let’s take a look at the various offers and deals to help you save money at KFC.

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FREE Wings Offer or Side with the KFC Colonel’s Club App

First up, we’ll start with a nice, easy FREEBIE. Oh, I do love a good freebie! So, let’s see how you can get free food at KFC.

To get a free side at KFC you’ll need to download the Colonel’s Club App. You can get it on Google Play or in the app store. But, first, let’s take a look at what the Colonel’s Club is and how it works.

What is KFC Colonel Club?

The KFC Colonel’s Club is KFC’s loyalty scheme. It basically gives you rewards in the form of free food when you spend a certain amount at KFC.

How Does Colonel’s Club Work?

The Colonel’s Club gives you stamps when you spend a certain amount in KFC. Once you’ve built these up, you can exchange them for free food. Here’s how it works:

  • Spend more than £3 and you get 1 stamp.
  • Spend more than £15 and you get 2 stamps.

Top Tip:
If there’s more than one of you eating, consider splitting your order to max your stamps. 2 main meal deals will usually cost under £15 but each meal on its own is usually over £3 so if you order separately you can get a stamp each rather than 1 for whoever pays…

What can you get with your stamps?

3 Stamps get you FREE Hot wings or a Free Side.

Choose from:

2 Hot Wings, Small Popcorn Chicken, Creamy Regular soft drinks, Mini Sundaes, and regular Fries, Regular side or a Regular hot Drink.

The BONUS here is that just for downloading the app, you get 3 Free KFC stamps when you set up an account. So, you can grab 2 Free Hot Wings, just for joining the Colonel’s Club.

7 Stamps gets you a Free Snack. 

You can choose from:

A Snack Box, Regular popcorn chicken, Mini Fillet Burger, Streetwise Wrap, Krushems
Kream Ball, 4 Hot Wings, Large Side or a Lil’ Wrap.

When you’ve earnt 11 stamps you can get £5 off your next order in the UK (7 Euros in Ireland)

How do you add a receipt to KFC stamps?

Ok, now what happens if you forget to scan the app when you visit. Or, like me, don’t sign up until after your visit…. Well not to worry. Like with most loyalty schemes this isn’t the end of the world. You can add a receipt in the app afterwards to get your stamp.

On the Home Page of the app, you’ll see a button that says


You just need to click this button and it brings up a QR code that you can scan instore, but there’s a button below it that says


Click this button.

Then you just need to enter your Receipt code from your receipt along with your Order Value, then Submit it. The terms say that it’s usually approved within 14 days, but when I scanned mine, I got my stamp pretty much instantly.

You need to scan your receipt within 7 days of the date on the receipt though to get your stamp.

Colonel’s Club Offers

There’s also another nifty little section in the Colonel’s Club app. You also get extra offers within the app in addition to being able to collect stamps.

Currently, the offers showing on my app are:

  • WOW Box for £3.49 – This isn’t a standard menu item but includes A Fillet burger, 1 piece of Original Recipe chicken and a Regular Fries (but no drink).
  • 10 Piece Family Feast Bucket for £14.99. (Usually £16.99)
  • Hot Wings Snackbox for £1.50 (Usually £1.99)

These are basically digital coupons, so when you click on the deal you get a QR code to scan at the counter when you next go to KFC.

The coupons all have expiry dates on them, so change fairly regularly. So it’s worth keeping an eye on them.

Fill out the KFC Survey and get 15% off your next order

Once you’ve eaten at KFC, you can fill out a short and simple survey to get 15% off your next order.
This is well worth doing as the survey only takes about 2 minutes.

You can either do this on the KFC website or from within the app.

You’ll just need to answer a few questions about your visit such as:

  • What type of order you placed e.g. dine-in, delivery, take away
  • How you paid
  • Your overall satisfaction
  • The friendliness of employees
  • Accuracy of the order
  • Cleanliness of the store
  • Speed of service
  • Taste of the food
  • Value for money
  • Whether or not you experienced a problem

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you get given a validation code that you need to write on your receipt. All you need to do then is show the receipt with the validation code to get 15% off your next order – BARGAIN!

Chicken Tuesday Offer – 9 for £5.99

KFC regularly runs special deals on a Tuesday. The current offer is running until 18th February and you can get 9 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken for £5.99

KFC Student Discounts

KFC partners with student beans to offer students a FREE Original Recipe Snackbox when you spend £3 or more.

To get it you’ll need to be registered with Student Beans and have a valid Student Beans ID. You’ll also need to have signed up to the Colonel’s Club (and got 3 FREE stamps while you’re at it!), and have it registered to your Student Beans ID.

You can either do this in the “My Account Section” of the Colonel’s Club website or by going to the “Student & Employees Section” of the app.

You then just need to select “Add Student Discount” and then enter your Student Beans ID.

You’ve then just got to wait for your Student Beans ID to be verified, which can take up to 24 hours.

Once it’s been verified to get your Student Discount, you’ll just need to present a Colonel’s Club barcode (from a card or app) when you’re in-store.

You can’t use your student discount with other offers though, such as the Colonel’s Club £5 off reward.

Employee Discounts

If you work at KFC you’re also entitled to a 25% Employee discount, plus free staff meals when you’re at work. Again, to get your discount you’ll need to link your employee ID to your Colonel’s Club membership in the same way as the student discount.

Signing Off

So there you have it. My guide to the deals and offers at KFC. have you used the Colonel’s Club app? Have you used any of the deals on this list? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Free KFC Stamps?

You can get 3 free KFC stamps when you install the KFC app and sign up for the Colonel’s Club.

Can you use the KFC App at the Drive-through?

Yes, you can use the Colonel’s Club app when your order through Drive Through by scanning the barcode from the app before your purchase.

Does KFC give NHS discount?

No, unfortunately, KFC doesn’t formally offer a discount to NHS employees. However, as a lot of branches are franchises (and run by independent owners), managers may offer it at their own discretion. So it’s worth checking in your local KFC.

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