How to Get a FREE Letter from Santa. Plus, What to Do if you miss the Royal Mail Deadline

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2019)

Well, I don’t know about you, but this year seems to have whizzed by! Can you believe Christmas is nearly here? And, if you’ve got little one’s then I’m sure they’ve already eagerly started their Christmas list for the Big Man.

So, today’s post is all about where to post it to get a free letter back from Santa… and what to do if you you’re disorganised like me and leave it a little bit too late.

Plus, I’ll run through how you make the build-up to Christmas even more special with some handy free apps.

FREE Letter from Santa via Royal Mail

So, as you probably know, you can get a FREE letter from Santa courtesy of Royal Mail. Well, you have to pay for the postage for your little one’s letter, but the reply letter is FREE.

This is a lovely campaign that Royal Mail runs every year. It all adds to the magic of Christmas to send off your little one’s Christmas list and eagerly await a reply in the post… So, here’s what you need to know about it.

The Deadline for posting letters to Royal Mail is 6th December.

So, you need to get your skates on and get it finished and posted. Not always easy as if your little ones are anything like mine, they’re constantly changing their list from day to day. So, getting it finalised can be a challenge…

The important thing to remember is that although the elves at Royal Mail try their best to get all replies out in time, it’s not guaranteed. This happened to us last year as we got our list posed before the deadline, but the reply didn’t reach us until after Christmas for one reason or another.

So, later on in this post, I’ll share some backup options to have in place to avoid disappointment.

Where to send it:
Santa (or Father Christmas if you prefer)
Santa’s Grotto

If you want to receive a letter in Welsh, then you need to send it to:
Sion Corn,
Ogof Sion Corn,
Gwald Y Ceirw

Also, please remember that it still needs a stamp… And you need to make sure you include your full name and address in the letter. Or Santa won’t know where to send his reply!

Santa Letter from the NSPCC

If you miss the deadline for the Royal Mail letter or you’re getting into the true spirit of Christmas spirit (it is the season for giving after all), then you can get a personalised letter from the NSPCC for a suggested donation of £5 using their website.

NSPCC Create a Letter from Santa Screenshot

You get to choose from 8 different letters aimed at different ages and every letter can be personalised with your child’s name, age, hobbies, achievements through the year, best friends’ names as well as a personalised message. You can also order a letter in Welsh too as you can with Royal Mail.

Posting Deadline:
If you’re in the UK, to makes sure you get your letter in time, you’ll need to order it by 16th December 2019.

This makes it a great option if you miss the Royal Mail deadline. However, if you miss the 16th, you’ve also got the option to print your letter at home as soon as you receive your order confirmation email.

Plus, if you’re in the giving mood it’s still not too late to start a Reverse Advent Calendar to support your local food bank.

RNIB Braille or Large Print Letter from Father Christmas

The RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) also has some elves and fairies that help Santa reply to children who are blind or partially sighted with a letter in braille, large font or Audio CD.

To get a letter from Santa you can either fill in the online form on the RNIB website or you can send your letter in the post to the address below:

Santa Claus,
Midgate House,
PE1 1TN.

Again, as with the Royal Mail letter, you’ll need to make sure you include your child’s name and address in the letter to make sure you get a letter back.

The deadline for letters is Monday 2 December 2019

So there’s not much time left for this one!

But, if you miss it, you can still get an email letter (sent in large 16-point font).

The closing date for emails is Friday 20 December 2019

There’s no charge to receive a Santa letter from the RNIB but you can donate if you want to on their See Christmas differently page.

Read some of the letters from previous years on Martin Lewis’ blog.

What to Do if you miss the deadline for the Royal Mail letter and the NSPCC letter

I scoured the web looking for alternatives if you miss the 16th. There are loads of options, but the thing you need to be aware of is that delivery isn’t guaranteed. You’re still in the hands of Royal Mail, which as I’m sure you know can be pretty hit and miss at Christmas!

So, if you want a guaranteed letter, here are some more options.

FREE Printable Letters from Santa

With the unreliability of the Christmas post, I think it’s much safer to go down the FREE printable letter route…

So, I’ve put together a few options if you’re just really, really last minute! Then you can pop it in an envelope and drop it through your letterbox yourself!

This is a great option if you miss all the deadlines to order one for delivery. You don’t even have to pay for the stamp to send your letter to Royal Mail (although I’ll be doing that anyway!)

Real Santa Letters

At Real Santa Letters, you can get a free printable letter from Santa along with a North Pole envelope printable. You simply download the templates in Microsoft Word, edit the message on the letter before printing off using a colour printer.

You can also print a blank template letter if you’d rather handwrite the letter yourself. The envelope requires a bit of construction as you get a template to cut out and glue together, so bear this in mind!

Mr. Printables Letter from Santa

Nice and easy, just hit the download button and get a pdf template that you can write Santa’s reply on to. You can also download a printable envelope template too.

Noella Designs

Noella Designs is a more interactive option. With their Free Santa Letter printable, you get 3 editable letter templates to choose from. Once you’ve selected which letter you want to use, you get taken to another screen that gives you 12 letter designs to choose from too.

Noella Designs Santa Letter Printables Screenshot

You can then print an envelope too to make it even more authentic. It even has a North Pole stamp printed on it! Please note, if you do want to post it back to yourself, you’ll need to add a real Royal Mail stamp!


eParenting has a choice of 3 letter designs that you can easily edit and print off. You can personalise the letter with your child’s name, age, location and include either their brother, sister or best friend.

Santa Message Apps

With all the technology we have today, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are a few Santa apps and websites available to add to the Christmas Magic

PNP (Portable North Pole)

The Portable North Pole is a delightful idea that lets you create a FREE personalised video message from Santa using their website or app. We use this most years, as it really adds to the magic of Father Christmas!

The Free videos aren’t available just yet but if you enter your email on the site you’ll get notified as soon as they are. You can also get a call from Santa himself, but this costs £3.99. Again, we’ve used this before too as it’s well worth it for the look on your little one’s face when they get a phone call from Santa!

There are a couple of alternative apps now though, where you can get a call from Santa for FREE.

Package from Santa

Package from Santa is available on the app store or Google Play and allows you to:

  • Personalise Santa’s call
  • Choose the date and time of the call
  • Select a unique Santa message
  • Your child’s photo will appear on the call screen
  • Mentions your child’s age, country, and more

The app’s currently FREE for a limited time!

Message from Santa

Message from Santa lets you choose from 3 Personalised Video messages, receive calls from Santa, lets you call Santa’s voicemail as well as send and receive texts from Santa. Pretty cool huh?! Again, you can get it on the app store or Google Play.

Message from Santa Screenshot

Santa Trackers

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see where Santa is at any time on Christmas Eve? Well, with these handy websites and apps you can do just that.

The Official Norad Santa Tracker

Christmas Eve wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without the Norad Santa Tracker! It’s been around since 1955 if you can believe it, and is run by the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Every year on Christmas Eve NORAD Tracks Sants around the world as he delivers presents to all the excited girls and boys. You can track Santa on the website.

Google Santa Tracker

The Google Santa Tracker was launched in 2004 as lets you track Santa on Google Maps. The Santa Tracker is locked until December 24. However, site visitors can interact with the games and lesson plans in Santa’s Village beginning from the start of December.

Google Santa Tracker Screenshot

Last year we found ourselves alternating between the Google tracker and the Norad Tracker so it’s well worth checking both out!

A Fun Little Extra – Elf Yourself!

Last off you can check out the fun little app, ElfYourself lets you upload a photo to “Elf” yourself and star in a series of personalised videos with your face on some dancing elves. Upload up to 5 photos of friends and family, select your dance and the app creates your video… This’ll definitely get you in the Christmas spirit!

ElfYourself Website Screenshot

Summing Up

So, there you have it! My guide to the freebies to make Christmas even more magical. It’s not long now, so make sure you get your letter off to Santa to get your Free reply and make your little ones’ day by getting a video or call from Santa. And, don’t forget… Make sure you track the Big Man’s journey on the Big Night!

Are you ready for Christmas? Have you tried any of the ideas in this post, or are you planning to this year? I’d love to hear in the comments below Ho Ho Ho!!!


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