Morrisons More Card: Is the Loyalty Scheme any Good? (and How Much Are the Points Worth?)

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2019)

I’ve been using supermarket loyalty schemes for years now (as I’m sure you have too). The main ones being the Tesco Clubcard scheme and Nectar scheme as I use Tesco and Sainsbury’s regularly alongside my main shops at Aldi.

But I discovered recently that Morrisons also has a relatively new loyalty scheme. Now, I’m a fairly infrequent shopper at Morrisons and forgot they even ran a loyalty scheme – probably because their Morrisons Miles Card from years ago was so pointless.

Anybody else remember that scheme? This was the supermarket loyalty scheme that only lets you collect points on fuel. Yes, Really…

But the current scheme is called Morrisons More. So, how does it stack up? Is it just as pointless as the previous versions, or is it genuine competition for Tesco Clubcard and the Nectar card scheme?

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What is the Morrisons More Card?

The More Card is the Morrisons loyalty card scheme – essentially it’s Morrisons’ answer to the Tesco Clubcard and Nectar Card Scheme. Now over the years, Morrisons has had a few different loyalty schemes and this is the latest iteration.

It was introduced in mid-2016 as a replacement to the Match and More price matching program, which was scrapped after just 12 months. This was no great surprise due to the complicated nature of the scheme.

It tried to stand out against Tesco’s price match and the Asda Price Guarantee scheme by matching discounters Aldi and Lidl. The problem was the complicated nature of the scheme.

Instead of just giving you a nice money off coupon like Tesco did, with Match and More, customers had to spend at least £15 per visit to qualify. Then if your total shop was cheaper elsewhere you got points credited to your card to save up for a voucher.

So, you can see why they binned it in favour of More Points. So, let’s see how it works.

How Do Morrisons More Points Work?

As with most other store loyalty cards you can collect Morrisons More Points by spending in-store. Here’s a breakdown of how many points you can earn.

  • 5 More Points per £1 spent in-store or online.
  • 5 More Points per £1 spent in Morrisons cafes.
  • Get 5 More Points for every 1 Litre of fuel you buy at Morrisons petrol stations
  • You can earn extra More Points on selected products

Up until recently, you could actually get 25 More Points per £1 spent on Gift Cards instead of the standard 5 – but this was axed last September.

How Much Are Morrisons More Points Worth?

Once you hit 5,000 points you get a £5 More Voucher or Morrisons Fiver as it’s commonly known. Now I’m not particularly keen on the fact you can only spend in £5 voucher increments, as this is a bit restrictive.

At first glance, the cashback rate of Morrisons points looks pretty good as you get 5 points for every £1 you spend.

However, you need 5,000 of them to get a £5 voucher making 1 point worth a pitiful 0.1p. I personally think this is a bit crafty as by inflating the number of points you need to get a £5 voucher makes the scheme seem better than it really is.

So, you’re getting 0.5p back in points for every £1 spend – 0.5% cashback.

This works out at exactly the same amount as Sainsbury’s Nectar points and trailing behind Tesco Clubcard points 1% rate. To work out the value of your points in pounds try the calculator below.

Morrisons More Points Calculator

How to Spend Morrisons Points

One of the drawbacks of the Morrisons Loyalty scheme is the limited options to spend them. You literally just get a voucher for £5 off in-store so there’s no way of boosting them like you can with Clubcard points.

The terms and conditions mention that you can spend More Points with Morrisons and their “promotional partners”. However, I can’t find a list of promotional partners anywhere on their website, so I guess Morrisons is your lot!

Another point to note though is that you can only use a More voucher once and no change will be given. This means you need to spend over £5 when you use a voucher to get the full value of it.

Do Morrisons More Points Expire?

After a question from one of my readers, I needed to do a bit of digging as I found the Morrisons Terms and Conditions a bit confusing. The question related to the expiry of vouchers if you don’t redeem them in the app. Now, Morrison’s terms state:

“Once registered, each time you save up 5,000 More Points you will be automatically allocated a £5 More voucher and we will deduct 5,000 More Points from your card. It may take a further 24 hours for your More voucher to be allocated to your account.”


“More Vouchers are valid for 56 weeks from the date you earn 5,000 More Points.

Now this implies that your vouchers expire from the date you earn your points as vouchers used to be automatically allocated.

But, since the introduction of the new Morrisons More app, you can now change your preferences on how you redeem your vouchers.

The default is set to “Use Your Vouchers in-store” and “Go Paperless”. This essentially means you load the vouchers to your card in the app (or online) when you’re ready to spend them.

You can still print the vouchers at the till, but you have 2 options:

“Use as I earn” where your £5 voucher is printed automatically the next time you swipe your card at the till and;

“Save them Up” where again you request your vouchers when you want to spend them.

This confused me as I couldn’t really see the point of the “Save up your points” option as you run the risk of forgetting about points that are expiring in your account (based on the wording of the terms).

So, I checked with Morrisons and got confirmation back that actually, now, you can leave the points in your account as long as you like.

The expiry doesn’t trigger until you redeem them.

Now, this is a great improvement and makes perfect sense, so let’s see how you do it.

First, log into your Morrisons account either online or in the app.

Then go to the Preferences section. If you’re online it’s just called “Preferences” at the bottom of the page.

Morrisons My Account Options Screenshot

If you’re using the app you need to go to the “My Account” section and click on the “Manage My Preferences button.

Morrisons More App My Account Options Screenshot

Then you select “£5 Voucher Preferences”

Morrisons More Manage My Preferences Screenshot

Then you can select how you want to get your vouchers.

Morrisons More £5 voucher prefences screenshot

So if you want to save your vouchers up, you can either stick to the default “Go Paperless” option or select “Save them up” on the “Print at till option”.

Bonus More Points

One of my readers recently commented saying that they felt that one of the Morrisons More scheme’s best features is the Bonus points you can get (I missed it out of my original post…).

Basically, once you’re signed up for the Morrisons More scheme, you’ll get promotional offers sent to you (via email and within the app), that allow you get Bonus More points when you spend a certain amount in-store.

The last offer I got was for 5,000 More Points when you spend £50 in-store, which works out at 10% back in points.

Morrisons 5000 points for £50 spend offer

These tend to get sent out to members every month or so, plus periodically you’ll get bonus points vouchers for your next spend printed out at the till.

You’ll also find out when their running promos that give you money off fuel when you spend a certain amount in-store. Like the one below that ran until 15th December 2019.

Morrisons 10p off a litre of fuel offer screenshot

Now deals like this are a great way to boost your savings even more. Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s regularly run similar promo’s too where you either get vouchers through the post or at the till.

The important thing to remember though is that where you’re getting Bonus points rather than money off, you don’t get your “discount” until you spend the vouchers you earn with the points (on a future shop).

Baby and More Scheme

The Baby and More Scheme gives you first look at the Morrisons Baby events, details of offers and extra More Points when you shop for your baby.

More for Students

The More for Students scheme is a club created for University Students who also have a More Card. The scheme gives you access to student-only offers throughout the year, along with extra discounts, extra More points promotions, competitions and free products.

Morrisons periodically runs promotions for sign up to this scheme too. The last one was last year when students got 5000 More Points for signing up for the More for Students scheme.

To sign up for the More for Students scheme you’ll need a valid student email address. You can register with your preferred personal email address, but you’ll just need your address for the verification process.

Morrisons Christmas Savers Program

With the Christmas Savers Scheme, you buy digital saver stamps throughout the year and get a bonus top-up from Morrisons. Andy Webb at Be Clever with Your Cash shared a handy little hack for the scheme last year.

To take advantage of the Christmas Savers Program you have to be a Morrisons More Card holder.

You can save Christmas Savers vouchers until 31st October 2019 – the top-ups are:

  • £1 top-up when you spend £49
  • £3 top-up when you spend £97
  • £4 top-up when you spend £146
  • £6 top-up when you spend £194

You can then redeem your vouchers between 6th November and 31st December 2019. However, there’s a big clause to be aware of in the small print*.

“Any Christmas Savers vouchers not redeemed by 31st December 2019 will expire and will no longer be valid”

I’m actually quite shocked at this clause, as a happy compromise surely would have surely to carry them over so you can spend them next Christmas.

The second clause you need to watch out for is this one:

“Christmas Savers Vouchers must be used in a transaction that is equal to or more than the value of the voucher (not including excluded items as set out in Clause 3 below). No change will be given for Christmas Savers vouchers. For example, a voucher for £25 must be used in a transaction of £25 or more.”

Personally, I’d steer well clear because of these shocking clauses. It’s just not worth the effort and risk that you may lose out for the sake of a few quid.

However, if you’ve already started saving, don’t worry, you can opt-out before 31st October. Any stamps you’ve saved will be transferred to your More Card as points (but you’ll lose any top-up bonuses).

Morrisons More App

The Morrisons More App is relatively new but works along the same lines as the New Nectar app. You see personalised offers within the app as you would on a cashback app. Be warned though the offers aren’t particularly amazing so don’t buy something just because it’s on there – and always remember that 1 More Point is worth just 0.1p. You tend to get offers that give you 100 More points for buying something, but as this only works out at 10p it’s not worth going out of your way for them.

This handy video gives you a short demo.

You can also scan your More card at the till using your phone if you don’t want to carry yet another store card around with you.

Morrisons More App Scan barcode at till instruction

Digital Morrisons Card in More App Screenshot

There are also a few other nice features in the app such as:

  • A section where you can create your weekly shopping lists
  • Information on the Morrisons Christmas Savers program
  • A “find my nearest store section” where you can opt to just use your location using your phone GPS
Morrisons More App Store Locator Function Screenshot

The in-app Morrisons store locator tool is pretty useful.

You can get the Morrisons More App on Google Play or iTunes

Registering for a Morrisons More Card

To sign up for a More Card you need to be aged 16 or over and need a valid email address to set up an online account. Registration is easy and you can just register on the website*.

Just a quick note on this. If you’ve previously used Morrisons online your email will still be linked (providing you used the same one).

If not, you can just register online and request a card to be sent to you in the post. Or, if you’ve picked up a temporary card in-store, you can register using that and transfer over any More Points you’ve already earned.

More Terms and Conditions to Be Aware of

You can’t receive Morrisons More Points on the following:

  • Single use carrier bags
  • Cash back
  • Fireworks
  • Lottery tickets
  • Online games and instant tickets
  • Tobacco and Tobacco related products
  • Prescription medicines and pharmacy services
  • Infant milk or formula
  • Mobile phone cards
  • Mobile phone vouchers
  • E-top ups
  • Bonus stamps
  • Saver Stamps
  • Photo Processing
  • Car Park tickets
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Online Delivery charges
  • Vending machines

You also can’t use More Vouchers to buy any of the items above either.

Claiming More Points

  • If you don’t have your card with you when you do your shopping, you can claim your More Points. You just have to take your receipt to a Customer Service Desk in-store within 30 days.
  • More Vouchers are valid for 56 weeks from the date you earn 5,000 points. So, make sure you use them as soon as possible.

Closing Thoughts

Unfortunately, the Morrisons More Points Scheme falls short yet again as far as I’m concerned. You’ve got a pretty measly rate of 0.5% with an overcomplicated points valuation (even more so than Nectar points).

To add insult to injury, you can only spend them at Morrisons (unlike the Clubcard and Nectar schemes), and to make matters worse you have to wait until you hit a fivers worth to spend them. Then, to add another blow, you can’t get any change from a £5 Morrisons voucher. Come on Morrisons play fair!

It also falls short on the Christmas Savers scheme though. I highly recommend you don’t take part in this. The shocking terms and conditions make it simply not worth the effort.

Do you collect Morrisons More points? What do you think about the loyalty scheme? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Morrisons More Card Work?

The Morrisons More Card works in the same way as most supermarket loyalty schemes. You’re rewarded with “More Points” on your grocery spending. Your points can then be converted into a £5 Morrisons voucher (Morrisons Fiver) when you reach 5000 More Points. You can collect the points by either swiping a physical card or using the Morrisons More app on your smartphone.

Do Morrisons More Points Expire?

The points themselves don’t expire, but the automatically issued vouchers do. The £5 vouchers are automatically issued once you hit 5,000 points. The £5 Morrisons More voucher is valid for 56 weeks from the date you earn 5,000 points.

However, due to the changes in the app, you now don’t have to convert your points to a voucher automatically, you just need to set up your voucher preferences. This means you can store up your points indefinitely until you’re ready to use them.

How much are 5000 Morrisons Points Worth?

5,000 Morrisons points are worth £5 and is the minimum number of More points you need to exchange them for a voucher otherwise known as a Morrisons Fiver.

Do You Get Morrisons More Points Online?

Yes, you earn Morrisons More points on online purchases.

Can I use Morrisons Vouchers for Petrol?

No, unfortunately, Morrisons More vouchers cannot be used to pay for petrol according to Morrisons’ terms and conditions.

How Do I get a Replacement Morrisons More Card?

To request a replacement card, you need to log into your More account online and select the “Replace / Cancel Card” option and then either, Report the card as lost or stolen or report the card as damaged. You can also request a new card from within the Morrisons More app in the same way.

How many points do I have on my Morrisons More card?

To find out how many points you have on your Morrisons Card by either logging into your More account online or by opening up the Morrisons More App where you’ll find your points balance on the home screen.

What is Morrisons Christmas Saver?

The Morrisons Christmas Saver Scheme is a digital saving plan where you buy saving stamps throughout the year to spend at Christmas and get a bonus top-up from Morrisons.

Do Morrisons Saver Stamps Expire?

Yes, there is a clause in the terms and conditions that states “Any Christmas Savers vouchers not redeemed by 31st December 2019 will expire and will no longer be valid”

Can I Add Points to Morrisons More Card?

If you forgot to scan you More card at the till (or didn’t have it with you), you can get your points added as long as your receipt is within 30 days. You just need to go to the Customer Service desk when you’re next in-store with your receipt and card to get them added.


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