What is the New Nectar Card App and How Has the Loyalty Scheme Changed?

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2019)

Sainsbury’s has just launched a revamped Nectar Scheme and is fully rolling out its new app. The scheme was trialled last year and is now being launched nationwide. But how does the New Nectar Card App work and how has the loyalty scheme changed. Read on to find out…

The main difference with the new scheme is the introduction of personalised offers. But, to get these you’ll need to download the new app on either Google Play or the App Store. It’s no surprise that the Nectar scheme has gone digital as competing loyalty cards such as the Morrisons More Card already use this format.

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How Do You Get a New Nectar Card?

If you’re already a Nectar cardholder you don’t need to create a new account, and you can still use your old physical card. But, to access the personalised offers you’ll need to download the app onto your Smartphone. Then all you need to do is link the app to your Nectar account using the following steps.

  • Enter your Nectar Card number or scan it if you prefer.
  • Enter your password
  • Confirm your email

If you’re not already a Nectar scheme member then you can simply sign up within the app.

Can I Use My Nectar Card on My Phone?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of the changes to the scheme and the introduction of the Nectar App. If you haven’t got your physical card with you (or simply don’t want to carry tons of loyalty cards around), then you can just scan your card using your phone. To do this all you need to do is click on the “Card” section at the bottom of the app’s main menu.

However, according to the Nectar help page, they are having some technical issues with some partners, so if you’ve got a physical card it’s probably best to keep it with you at the moment while they iron out any technical glitches.

What Are the Changes to the Nectar Scheme?

In a nutshell, the main change is the bonus offers you get each week. These are personalised to you, based on your previous shops. On mine for example after downloading the app I had two offers for Cookies that offered me extra points when I next buy them.

Sainsbury's Nectar App Cookie OfferI’d literally bought cookies the day before so at least your likely to get offers on stuff you normally buy. Just don’t go buying stuff for the sake of it as you’re usually only looking at a discount of 20 pence or so, it just sounds loads better when you’re offered 40 points. Remember 1 Nectar point is worth just 0.5p.

Offers are updated in the app once a week so if you see an offer you think you might use, save it, or it might disappear again when the app updates with new offers. If you save it, you have access to it until the offer expires.

You can still also get points boosts with their various partners as you could previously. But, as I’ve written about before, you have to visit the retailer from the Nectar website to get your points boost, so in a lot of cases, you’ll be better off going through a cashback site such as TopCashback* or Quidco* rather than boosting your Nectar points.

Are there any Changes to the Nectar Points System?

This was one of the concerns when the first trial ran in the Isle of Wight, as it removed the standard collection of 1 pint for every £1 you spent. This raised concerns that shoppers would be worse off, but thankfully it looks like Sainsbury’s has seen sense on this and decided not to axe the standard points on your supermarket spending. A sensible move, I think.

For more details on the scheme please visit the Nectar website.

Have you tried the New Nectar Card App? Do you like the new personalised offers? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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