OhMyDosh Review: How Does it Compare to the Best UK Cashback Sites?

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

In this comprehensive OhMyDosh Review, I’ll walk you through what the OhMyDosh is, how it works and how good the deals are. OhMyDosh! is a relatively new site in the UK that helps you easily make some extra money online by signing up for a selection of offers or getting cash back on purchases.

OhMyDosh has been featured in the media quite a bit over the last year including features in The Sun, LoveIt Magazine and Metro. You can check out their advert below, although I was none the wiser after watching it – but see what you think!

So, I thought I’d check it out to see what all the fuss is about. Now I’m a big fan of saving money online and getting cashback wherever possible, so I was excited to see what OhMyDosh is like.

But what I really wanted to get an idea of, is how good the offers are, and if it lives up to the hype. That’s why I decided to put some of the offers to the test to see how good they actually are. I compared OhMyDosh offers to the more established sites such as TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks to see how they stacked up.

As a result, this review is quite a beast, so please use the Table of Contents below if you want to skip through to a specific section. So, without further ado, here’s what I found out when I tried out OhMyDosh!

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How Good are The Deals on OhMyDosh?

What is Oh My Dosh?

OhMyDosh is a fairly new cashback and rewards site. It’s only been around since February 2018 but already has over 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average score of 9.2. Pretty impressive! It’s also received a Commended Award at the 2019 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards in the Cashback Site of the Year category. So solid credentials!

I’m also pleased to see a new entrant into the Cashback market to improve consumer choice. The industry in the UK is pretty much dominated by the two biggest players – Quidco and TopCashback.

The lack of competition was highlighted earlier this year, when the proposed merger of the two was abandoned. So, any new entrant in this space should is welcome as far as I’m concerned.

How Does OhMyDosh Work?

OhMyDosh works in a very similar way to Cashback and Rewards sites like TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks. Basically, it works by passing on affiliate commissions from the advertiser back to you.

It’s pretty simple.

  • You sign up.
  • Select an offer you’re interested in.
  • Take the offer which could be a sign up for a free trial or purchasing a product.
  • You’re then credited with cashback which is credited to your OhMyDosh account

Once the advertiser receives your information, they confirm this with OhMyDosh. Your offer will go to pending status in your account – this usually takes between 24 and 72 hours.

You then have to wait for your cashback to change to payable status before you can cash out. The average time it takes according to their website is 30 days. But this varies by offer. Again, this is similar to Cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback.

There’s also a minimum cash out on OhMyDosh of £10, so you need to hit this threshold before you get your cash.

You can check it out before signing up, you just need to click on the box shown in the screenshot below.

OhMyDosh Main Screen

This takes you to the offer screen where you’ll see something like this.

OhMyDosh Offers Screenshot example

Straight away you’ll see some of their best offers in the top banner such as:

  • £30 cashback with Carphone Warehouse
  • Earn £5 when you buy a NowTV Entertainment pass
  • £4 for taking a FREE Amazon Prime Trial for 30 days
  • Earn £17.50 when you take out BT Superfast Broadband

What OhMyDosh Offer Categories Are There?

The offer screen is broken down into several categories:

Hot Offers

Presumably, these are the most popular offers at the moment.

Lightning Payouts

These are promoted quite heavily on the top banner of the offer page. Lightning Payouts are offers that pay out quickly i.e. within 3 working days. This seems like a great deal as if you’ve ever used cashback sites such as Quidco and TopCashback you’ll know that sometimes it can take ages to get your cash.

No Spend

This section purely focusses on offers where you don’t need to spend any money to earn some cash. Similar to the Free Cashback section that you’ll find on both Quidco and TopCashback.

New Offers

Pretty self-explanatory, these are offers recently added to the site.


There’s a bit of a mixture in here from Free Bets and Spins for signing up. There’s also offers where you’ll need to deposit money into the account as well though, so be careful here.


This is mainly made up of Free Trials for subscription services such as Amazon Prime Video, Tastecard and Which? Magazine. There are a few that require a full sign up where you need to shell out cash so again, watch out for these.


Not a massive section but there are a few survey sites you can sign up with on OhMyDosh to get some cashback. So, if you’re a survey fanatic this could be a good option for you.


All the entertainment offers in one place including offers like:

  • Cashback on Amazon Prime trials
  • Cashback on NowTV passes
  • Cineworld offers.


Includes offers for Mobile Phone deals, car insurance and energy switching services. So, if you’re coming to the end of a contract with one of your utility providers this could be a fruitful hunting ground.

Insurance and Finance

This section mainly includes various Insurance offers but there are a couple of ISA deals in here too.


This is a section that’s pretty thin on the ground with just 4 offers in when I checked. Basically, you can get a small cash incentive for entering a competition (between 50p to £1.25)


There are a few offers in here, which are mainly cashback deals. So, if you need something from one of the featured retailers it may be useful. It’s definitely worth checking TopCashback and Quidco too though to see who has the best rate.

Save Money

This section’s a bit of a mish-mash to be honest. It looks like most of the offers are also in one of the other categories. So, you may be better searching through the other sections first.

Great Deals

This section doesn’t offer any cashback, “just great deals they want to share with you”. I probably wouldn’t bother with this section as it’s probably just a section for paid ads.

The Sign-Up Process

Ok looks pretty good so far, so let’s sign up.

Oh My Dosh Sign Up Bonus Confirmation Screen

Great! – my first 50p just for signing up.

Next, I get another screen…

A Super Quick Survey for £0.50. OK, I’ll give this a go. 50p for a 6-question survey, sounds pretty good.

OhMyDosh Survey Screenshot

Brill – that took me less than a minute so that’s a pretty good rate! I’m now up to £1 for signing up and taking a 6-question survey.

In the meantime, I’ve had an email – by confirming my email I can make another 50p.

OhMyDosh Email Confirmation Bonus

So I’ve made £1.50 for signing up and answering 6 questions. Onto the offers…

How Good are the OhMyDosh Offers?

OK so I’ve signed up, so it’s a case of seeing if any offers are worth having and if there really is free dosh to me made on here.

I like the idea of the no-spend section so I’m going to start here.

Cashback with a NowTV Pass

The offer: Earn 5 and Save Up to 42% on a Now TV Entertainment pass

The small print:

You have to purchase a 3-month entertainment pass. But you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you don’t get stung with a renewal.

As you’ll see from the screenshot below the 3-month pass is £17.99 direct from Now TV. So, with your £5 cashback, that’s 3 months of Now TV for just £12.99 or £4.33 per month.

NowTV Offer Screen with Swagbutton

Not bad, but let’s see if we can do better anywhere else…

You’ll also notice on the screenshot above that big Swagbutton in the top right of the screen.

This is a browser extension from Swagbucks that lets me know about any offers available when I’m on a website. In this case it’s telling me there are 3309 Swagbucks available – now 1 Swagbuck is worth roughly 1 cent so 100 = $1. So, apparently, there’s roughly $33 worth of Swagbucks available somewhere… Let’s head over to Swagbucks and see.

NowTV Swagbucks Offer Screenshot

Yup, a NowTV offer that will give you £7.35 cashback. (The 3309 Swagbucks offer relates to a broadband deal). However, in the small print is this.

“SB is to only be awarded with the purchase of first-month subscription after the free trial.”

So, effectively you can get 1 month and 14 days of Now TV for £0.64. The £7.99 / month subscription that you need to buy less than £7.35 cashback.

Now let’s head over to Quidco one of my favourite cashback sites. And yes, they’ve also got an offer for NowTV passes too.

NowTV Quidco Offers Screen

£5 cashback for new customers purchasing an Entertainment pass.

So, this looks like the same deal as OhMyDosh, but you’ve also got plenty more NowTV offers to go at if you want to with Quidco. Plus, you can get £10 for signing up with Quidco using my link, which beats the £1 you’ll get with OhMyDosh.

Now, let’s try TopCashback… They have an even better deal.

The same 3-month pass deal bags you £5.50 cashback and they’ve also got a 1-month pass deal that bags you £5.50.

NowTV TopCashback Offers Screen

So, 1 month would cost you just £2.49.

So, all in all looking at this particular offer, for the cheapest deal Swagbucks comes out on top if you just want it for 6 weeks or less.

You can sign up for Swagbucks here

If you want a cheap deal for 3-months, then TopCashback’s your best bet.

You can sign up with TopCashback here*

Finally, I checked Amazon to see how much you can currently get a bundle for without cashback deals.

On Amazon you can get a NowTV Smart Stick with a 2-month entertainment pass for just £18.85. So, if you need a smart stick this could be the way to go.

Cashback with an Amazon Prime Trial

Next up is the Amazon Prime 30-Day free Trial. Sign up for the free trial and you earn yourself £4.

Pretty sweet but can you get the same or a better offer anywhere else. This time OhMyDosh fares better.

Neither Quidco, TopCashback or Swagbucks have an equivalent offer. This makes OhMyDosh a clear winner if you’re looking to try out Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately for me, I’m already signed up with Amazon Prime. So, I can’t take advantage of the offer, but it’s a pretty good deal – get paid £4 for a month’s free Amazon delivery and TV. Not bad!

You can see from the screenshot below that’s it’s nice and clear what the offer is, how you earn your £4 and who it applies to. This is an important screen as it tells you how to get your reward.

OhMyDosh Amazon Prime Offer Screenshot

For example. In this case it has to manually verified. This means you’ll need to send your confirmation email from Amazon onto OhMyDosh for it to be verified.

With all offers like this, if you don’t cancel at the end of the trial period then you’ll be billed the normal monthly subscription. But, if you’re after some Free TV for a month and Amazon one day delivery, this is a good starter offer.

Winner: OhMyDosh*

Tastecard Free Trial Cashback Deal

Ok, so on to another. This time I looked at Tastecard. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while now. My 6-year old has a slight Frankie and Bennies pancake addition that raises its head every school holiday. With a Tastecard I can get 2 for 1 at Frankie and Bennies so this is probably well worth getting.

OhMyDosh Tastecard Offer Screen

The Deal:

Sign up for a 3-month trial of Tastecard and Earn £2.50. Now Tastecard is pretty cool anyway. You can get 2 for 1 on meals at over 6,000 restaurants in the UK such as Pizza Express, Prezzo and my son’s favourite Frankie & Benny’s – NICE. This looks like a winner but again – can I do better anywhere else?

The answer is yes…

Quidco has the same deal… BUT you get £3.50 cashback. They’ve also got a deal where you can get £5 cashback, but this is for an annual membership rather than a free trial.

TopCashback offers £3.67 whether you sign up for a free trial or the annual membership,

So, OhMyDosh falls short again, unfortunately. I’m glad I checked…

Winner: TopCashback

Ok, so now I’m not feeling so inclined to sign up for stuff as I’m finding better deals elsewhere…

I tried a few more offers to see if the same applied.


Deal: Get a 30-day Free Trial with Hayu (the reality \TV streaming service) and earn £4.

Small print: You must remain a member of Hayu for at least 30 days and stream at least one episode of a show on Hayu.

Quidco: No offer

TopCashback: £3 cashback

Swagbucks: Slightly different offer – 1000 Swagbucks ($10 / £7.69) but you have to remain signed up for an additional month for £3.99.

Winner: OhMyDosh

Apple Music 3-Month Free Trial and Earn £3.20

Quidco: 3-Month Free Trial and Get £5 Cashback

TopCashback: No offer

Swagbucks: 3 Month Free Trial and Earn 200SB

Winner: Quidco*

Get a 1 Month Trial with Readly for just £0.99 and Earn £4.00

Quidco: No offer

TopCashback: No offer

Swagbucks: £4.04 Cashback (500 Swagbucks)

Winner: OhMyDosh tied with Swagbucks*.

Ok, so as you’ll see from the tests above there’s no clear winner. It just goes to show if you always want to get the best deal you need to be signed up with every cashback site. The site with the best deal will vary depending on the offer.

Is OhMyDosh Legit?

The short answer to this is, YES. OhMyDosh is 100% legit and will pay you cashback on offers you take up on the site. It’s was also Commended at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2019 in the Cashback Site of the Year’ category. This gives them a huge amount of credibility. That coupled with their Trustpilot rating means you can be confident in using the site.

After using OhMyDosh the takeaway for me is that it really needs to be treated as an alternative cashback site to the main players. Not a way to just make some quick cash online. I say this because it is marketed in a slightly different way to the more established cashback sites. Their main tagline is:


To me this makes it sound like a site where you can earn money for completing tasks. i.e. giving your time similar to a Survey Site. This isn’t really the case though, so, to be honest, the tagline coupled with the offers page put me on my guard as it doesn’t really marry up to me. I can understand why they’ve done this as it separates them slightly from the larger sites. But essentially, it’s still a cashback site so that’s how you should treat it.

How do you get Paid?

You can cash out (or Dosh out if you like!) with OhMyDosh via PayPal or bank transfer. Once you’re requested your payment, you’ll receive it in 3-5 days.

Unfortunately, there’s also a minimum cash out on OhMyDosh of £10. So, you need to hit this threshold before you get your cash. This isn’t great when compared to Quidco (£1 cashout) and TopCashback (1p cashout)

What’s the OhMyDosh Support Like?

The OhMyDosh website has a handy Helpdesk section with Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question on here though you can either:

  • Contact OhMyDosh on Live Chat; or
  • Submit a Ticket which will be answered within 24 hours.

What’s the OhMyDosh Referral Scheme?

OhMyDosh has a generous referral scheme so you can earn whenever you refer one of your friends. For every friend you refer, you can earn yourself £5 once they cashout for the first time. This is my referral link if you want to sign up.


  • £1 Sign up Bonus
  • Some good offers where you can earn better cashback than other sites
  • Clear information about the offer, how to claim and who is eligible
  • Lightning Payout Section is a nice feature – I’m not aware of any other site offering payouts as fast as OhMyDosh so this is a big plus
  • A welcome new entrant into the Cashback market. which should increase competition, meaning better deals overall.


  • A limited number of offers when compared to more established Cashback sites
  • Quite a few offers simply aren’t worth your time s you’ll need to shell out more cash than you’ll receive. This makes me want to treat it more like a cash back site than a get paid to site and as I mentioned above, the offers for cashback are pretty limited
  • £10 cashout minimum is too high in my opinion when compared to Quidco, TopCashback and Swagbucks
  • Often better deals available on more established cashback sites
  • Sign Up Bonus not as generous as TopCashback, Quidco or Swagbucks
OhMyDosh Review

My Verdict

Overall, OhMyDosh is a reasonable cashback site but not my favourite, as the number of deals is more limited than the competition.

This is probably due to OhMyDosh being a new entrant into the cashback space so hopefully their offering should grow over time. But it’s good to see a new entrant in the cashback space so I welcome this as it means more choice for savvy consumers.

There are some very good offers that you won’t find elsewhere on OhMyDosh, plus ways to earn some extra cash by signing up for free trials.  But you’ll need to remember to cancel these if you don’t want to be out of pocket, so you’ll need to weigh this up.

So, it’s definitely worth signing up, even if it’s just to give you more choice for cashback deals which is how I use it.

Also remember to check TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks to see who has the best deal. I wouldn’t recommend signing up for anything you don’t want just for the incentive, it’s simply not worth your time.

Overall rating 3.7/5 – A solid new entrant into the Cashback sector. Not in the same league as the Quidco and TopCashback yet but hopefully this will change as the company grows.

Have you tried OhMyDosh? How do you think it stacks up? I’d love to hear in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this review, and please share if you found it helpful. Thanks for reading!

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