OnePulse App Review: Can You Make Money Doing Easy Surveys on Your Phone with OnePulse?

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

OnePulse is a new app I’ve been using that rewards you for answering micro surveys called Pulses. It’s similar to other apps like Citizen Me and Streetbees that pay for short tasks. Pulses are usually no more than 3 questions. It’s quite an interesting app it allows brands to get access to real market feedback almost instantly. The App is available on either iOS or Android. I’ve used both the iPhone and Android version as I recently switched my phone.

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Get Paid for Short Surveys on your Phone

What is One Pulse?

OnePulse is a market research platform that allows brands and organisations to get access to consumer opinions almost instantly. Companies can select 3 questions to ask a demographic – these questions are then pushed out to consumers (me and you) who answer these questions for cash. The short video below will give you some more insight.

How Does OnePulse Pay You?

You get a combination of paid and unpaid pulses sent through to you based on your profile. When you first sign up, paid pulses pay you 15 cents per response. Pretty low I know! But wait, this raises as you gain experience or XP points as you answer more and more Pulses.


I’m currently at 31 cents per Pulse– the highest XP level you can reach is 41 cents. So, the more unpaid Pulses you answer, the more you get paid when the paid Pulses come along. So, the app pays pretty well for the few seconds it takes to answer a 3 question Pulse.

Now for the bad news… You can’t cash out until you hit $5, which can take a while, unfortunately. Once you hit the $5 threshold you can cashout via PayPal.

The problem is, there just aren’t enough Pulses that come through. After a flurry in the first couple of weeks of trialing the app, I’ve been stuck on $2.37 for about 3 weeks. Not even halfway to cashing out!!!

Will I ever be able to cash out? I’ll post an update if, and when I do!

The One Pulse Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a nice motivating feature as it shows the amounts other users are earning. Or maybe it’s just rubbing salt in the wounds…

As you’ll see from the screenshots below some Pulsers are coining it in! The top earner on the “all-time” leaderboard has made $237, although I’m not sure how long that would have taken!

OnePulse Survey App Screenshots

If you’ve managed to rack up a decent amount on OnePulse please let me know in the comments below.


  • Good pay considering the seconds it takes to answer a pulse
  • A decent incentive to complete unpaid pulses to boost your earnings through “power-ups”. This is a really fun feature that can boost your earnings. Especially if you complete loads of these up-front to get you pay-out per pulse higher


  • There can be delays in push notifications coming through on the app. This is frustrating, as when you do get the notification, the paid Pulse has already disappeared.
  • Not enough pulses. The number of paid pulses is very limited and when they do pop up, they’re taken very quickly. The One Pulse website claims that the average time for them to receive 1000 responses is 15 minutes.
OnePulse App Review

My Verdict

I originally quite liked the OnePulse app as at the start as I did genuinely get a few paid Pulses, which will add up over time. They only take seconds out of your day too so I think it’s an App worth having on your phone. From that perspective, this app is a pretty passive way of making money every month. That being said, the last few weeks have been frustrating with hardly any pulses at all. It has the potential to be a decent money-making app but falls short, unfortunately.

If you’re looking for more apps to make some passive income you might want to take a look at apps that pay you for walking. Yes, you read that right!

Have you tried OnePulse out and found it to be as frustrating as I did? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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