Quidco vs TopCashback: Which Cashback Site Pays the Most?

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2020)

I’ve been using cashback sites for years, as it’s a bit of a no-brainer really. You get money back on stuff you’re buying anyway so it’s an easy way to save money.

The two sites I consistently use the most are TopCashback and Quidco. And usually, I check both sites when I buy something to see who has the best rate. And it varies quite a bit between the two of them, so it’s well worth having accounts with both.

But who has the best rates overall? Today I’m going to put it to the test and spot check some of the UK’s biggest brands on each site to see who wins the battle of the cashback sites.

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Does TopCashback or Quidco Pay the Most?

Now, to start with I’d like to say that both TopCashback* and Quidco* have covered this and produced their own comparison studies.

And guess what?

In TopCashback’s comparison… TopCashback came out on top.

And in Quidco’s version…. yup you guessed it, Quidco comes out on top!

Hardly surprising – let’s be real here!

So, who’s right and which is really the top dog in the cashback war?

Which also ran a comparison test last month when they compared the Quidco and TopCashback against a new entrant – My Money Pocket*. In that test, Quidco came out on top offering the best cashback rate in 4 out of the 5 featured deals.

Now comparing cashback sites can be a bit of a faff. But luckily for me when I ran this test, a new site has launched recently that compares the top cashback sites for you. How cool is that?! The site’s called Cashback Angel and I first read about it on fellow Money Blogger Tracy’s blog, Mind Over Money Matters.

CashbackAngel Cashback Comparison Site Screenshot

CashbackAngel compares the rates on UK Cashback sites

Now for the purposes of the test, I used a random selection of brands and tried to cover a variety of categories such as Insurance, Energy, TV and Broadband, Clothing, Holidays and Electricals as well as the one-stop-shop retailers such as Argos, Amazon and eBay.

I then used CashbackAngel to run an initial comparison of rates. Where cashback rates were quoted as “up to an amount” I dived a bit deeper to get some more details to try and determine which offer was actually the best.

For example, a headline rate of 17% might only apply on 1 product which can skew the results if everything else just gets 1%. A lot of the top deals are for new customers only, so I’ve broken this down too.

The Results: Who Pays the Most – Quidco or TopCashback?

So, onto the results, who pays the most, Quidco or TopCashback.

The bold result indicates the best deal. Where there was a tie between the two sites, I haven’t bolded either offer.

Prices update 26.01.20

Retailer TopCashback Quidco
Argos No Upto 15% (varied by category though), or £50 on Microsoft Tablets
Amazon Up to 10% Upto 10%
eBay 1.05% 1%
Currys Upto 15% (only special deals), 1% everything else Upto 15% (only special deals), 1% everything else)
John Lewis & Partners 2% Not available
Just Eat 33.75% (new), 1.35% existing 25% (new), 1% app, 1% existing
Debenhams Upto 5% (selected categories) 3% everything else Upto 5% (selected categories), 3% everything else
Expedia Upto 12% (but mostly 4%) Upto 11%, 3.5% cashback
for Flight + Hotel, City Breaks and all other packages
Direct Line Car Insurance £10.50 £10
RAC UK Annual Breakdown Upto £155 Upto £150
Aviva Home Insurance Upto £40 Upto £40
Sports Direct 4% 3.5%
New Look Upto 6.75% (new customers only) 1.35% otherwise Upto 6% (new customers only) 2% otherwise
Booking,com 4% 3%
ASOS Up to 10.8% (new), 2.7% existing 8% (new customers) 2% existing
Virgin Media Upto £200 Upto £155
Sky Broadband and TV Upto £115 Upto £130
Tastecard £8 for annual membership, £3 for free 3 month trial £5 for annual membership, £3 for 90-day membership for £1
Car Phone Warehouse Upto £70 Upto £85
edf Energy Upto £131.25 Upto £125
AO Upto 2.5% Upto 2.5%
Trainline Upto 4.05% Upto 3%
Viking 11% 5%
Groupon Upto 18% Upto 6%
Etsy 4% 2%
Hotels.com 11% (new customers), 2% for existing 10% new customers, 2% existing
Red Letter Days 16.2% 18%
Bohoo 10% 5% or 3% depending on spend 10% 5% or 3% depending on spend
Lego 6% 3%
Very Upto 20% for New customers, 1% for everything else Upto 20% for New customers, 1% for everything else
Hilton Hotels 5% for Non-Hilton Honor and Blue members, 1% for all other Honors members 4% for Non-Hilton Honor and Blue members, 0.9% for all other Honors members
Hotel Chocolat Upto 9.45% Upto 9%
Marks & Spencer 1.35% 3% for new customers, everything else 1%



TopCashback: 20
Quidco: 4
Tied: 9

Now I was quite surprised when I added up the results. I’ve always thought TopCashback had the best rates* and tend to find that when I compare them for one-off buys. But I wasn’t expecting such a landslide victory! Admittedly, it’s a small sample size but it seems to back up TopCashback’s claim that they have the best rate most of the time.

I think the moral of the story here is, always do your own research! Cashback rates are constantly changing, and each site has thousands of offers, so checking both really is a must to get the best deal.

Trustpilot Ratings

Another place to look to gauge how good each site is Trustpilot. Both sites have extremely positive ratings so it’s a pretty close call.

Quidco* has an average rating of 4.6 from over 85,000 reviews.

Quidco Trustpilot Rating Screenshot

and TopCashback has 4.7 from over 97k reviews.

TopCashback Trustpilot Review Screenshot

So, pretty even stevens in terms of service levels and customer satisfaction. Just a whisker between them.


I recently compared the UK’s cashback sites, including Quidco and TopCashback. As you’ll see from the chart below, they both have a pretty impressive range of features (far more than most other cashback sites).

TopCashback vs Quidco Feature Comparison

They both offer a rate matching promise so if you find a better deal with another cashback they’ll match or beat it. Both have their own browser extensions that notify you of cashback deals while your surfing the web and both have refer-a friend scheme.

Both let you choose how to withdraw your cash too with the option to choose between bank transfers, PayPal or gift cards that offer enhanced rates. TopCashback does offer the option to split your payments though whereas with Quidco you have to withdraw it all at once in the same format.

There’s also not much between them when it comes to the number of merchants on the site either, TopCashback just ahead with over 5,000+ merchants vs Quidco’s 4,500+. Quidco is the only one to offer live chat support, but has a slightly higher payout threshold, although it’s negligible at £1 vs TopCashback’s 1p.

Of the two, TopCashback is the only one that guarantees at least 100% cashback, which is why it’s so important to always compare the two. However, if you do find out you could have got a better deal with the other site you can always use their rate matching service.

Another plus for both sites is the fact that they both have apps that let you claim in-store cashback. Quidco’s trumps TopCashback’s though by quite a degree.

The Verdict: Which is Best, TopCashback or Quidco?

To be honest it’s an incredibly tough call to choose between the two cashback giants. In terms of features offered by each site, I’d say it’s pretty much a tie. But, the deciding factor for most people ultimately is likely to be which site pays the best…

And, on the comparison I ran, TopCashback* came out on top by a significant margin. You can also find my full TopCashback review here.

Of the 33 retailers I checked they had the best rate 20 times, so 60.5% of the time.

Whereas Quidco only had the best rate 4 times (9 were a tie), which works out at just 12%. So, a bit of a landslide in this test!

The big caveat though is that it’s a small sample size and the rates constantly change, so I highly recommend you always do your own research and check both sites.

Do you prefer TopCashback or Quidco?* Who do you think pays the most? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Quidco and TopCashback at the same time?

No, unfortunately not. You can sign up with both cashback sites but you can only claim through one of them at a time each time you buy online.


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