Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up 2019: How Does it Work and What are the Pitfalls?

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

If you’re a regular Sainsbury’s shopper, then you’ve probably seen the signs in-store announcing this year’s Nectar Double Up Event. It started last week on 30th October and runs until the 19th November. So, if you want to take advantage of it, you’ll need to act fast.

But, before you go rushing to double up your Nectar points, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of how the Double Up Scheme works, how to make the most of it it and the pitfalls you need to avoid…

How Does Nectar Double Up Work?

So, how does the Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up Event work? Well, there are quite a few terms and conditions attached to the promotion that you need to be aware of, so I’ll run through them below.

Basically, the Double Up Promotion allows you to convert your Nectar Points into a Double Up Voucher that gives you twice the usual value for your points.

How Much are Your Points Worth During Double Up?

You can then spend them in-store at Sainsbury’s during the promotional period which runs from 13th to 19th November.

You’ll also need a minimum of 1000 Nectar Points to take part in the promotion which will give you a £10 voucher (rather than the usual £5 value of 1000 Nectar Points).

You can also only exchange them in 1000-point increments (£10 voucher increments), which is slightly frustrating.

Voucher Exchange Values

1000 Points gets you a £10 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £5)

2000 Points gets you a £20 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £10)

3000 Points gets you a  £30 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £15)

4000 Points gets you a £40 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £20)

5000 Points gets you a £50 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £25)

6000 Points gets you a £60 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £30)

7000 Points gets you a £70 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £35)

8000 Points gets you a £80 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £40)

9000 Points gets you a £90 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £45)

10,000 Points gets you a £100 Double Up Voucher (Usually worth £50)

How Do I convert my Nectar Points into Double Up Vouchers?

Now, I’m slightly late covering this as it actually launched last week, but¸ this only really matters if you want to receive a physical Double Up voucher. If you do, you need to convert your Nectar points into a Double Up voucher online (using the Nectar website) by tomorrow (5th November). You’ll then get your physical voucher sent to you by post.

I recommend against doing that though due to the terms of the promotion. Here’s why…

Unfortunately, the terms of the promotion state that once the vouchers are issued, they must be redeemed by 19th November 2019 and can’t be converted back into cash or Nectar points.

So essentially, once you’ve converted them, you’re committed to spending them, or you lose them…

That’s why I don’t recommend going down the physical voucher route. Effectively it ties you into spending them in Sainsbury’s during the promo in one of the few product categories that accept the vouchers…

Wait, what? You can’t spend the vouchers on anything you like?

Unfortunately, not… there are quite a few restrictions on the stuff you can buy with your Double Up Vouchers. There are 11 categories that you can spend them on, but I’ll cover this later on the post…

If you do want to go down the physical voucher route though, here’s how to do it…

How to Convert your Nectar points to a Physical Double Up Voucher Online

Unfortunately, you can’t convert your Nectar points in-store anymore, so you have to order them online using the Nectar website.

Once you’re logged into your Nectar account, you’ll see the option to Pre-order your Double Up Voucher to spend at Sainsbury’s on the far right. Click on the “Get Started” button.

Nectar Website Screenshot Double Up Option

Please note, you can only pre-order vouchers once and have to spend it in-store between 13-19 November before it expires…

Screenshot Swap Nectar Points for Double Up Vouchers

In the next screen you can check the categories you can spend your vouchers in and what’s included…

Sainsbury's Nectar Double Up categories List

You can then select the value of the voucher you’d like to order. £10 increments only up to a maximum £100 voucher for 10000 Nectar points.

Sainsbury's Nectar Double Up Voucher Value Seclection Screenshot

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive your physical Double Up voucher in the post to spend in Sainsbury’s.

How to Convert Your Nectar Points using the Nectar App.

My preferred option is to use the New Nectar app to convert your points into a digital Double Up e-voucher. You can do this between 13th and 19th November while the in-store promotion is running.

This means you can instantly swap for an e-voucher when you’re ready to buy. Much better than pre-ordering and potentially ending up stuck with worthless vouchers if you forget to spend them and let them expire.

To Double up your points using the Nectar App:

  • First, open the Nectar app. If you scroll down you should see a Double Up Offer like the one shown below

Nectar Double Up Offer on Main Screen of Nectar App


  • Next, you’ll get a screen confirming that you can “Swap Your Points for a Double Up voucher” to spend in Sainsbury’s. Just click continue on this screen.
  • The next screen just confirms that you can use your voucher in-store at Sainsbury’s and lets you know you have until the 19th November to spend your digital voucher. Remember, if you don’t spend it, it expires and you lose it for good! hit “Continue” on this screen too.
  • The next screen just advises you which categories you can spend the vouchers in. Click “Select Voucher” at the bottom of the screen.
  • This brings you to the screen below where you can select your voucher amount and convert your points. You can select a voucher amount in increments of £10 up to a maximum of £100

Select Nectar Double Up Voucher Amount Screenshot in App

  • Once you select your voucher amount and hit the “Continue” button, you’ll get to a confirmation screen. Once you continue through here your points are converted into a Double Up digital voucher, which you can access in the app, and you’ll get a confirmation via email.

What Can You Spend Your Sainsbury’s Double Up Vouchers On?

  • Tu Clothing
  • Electricals
  • Toys
  • Entertainment
  • Taste the Difference: Wine, Champagne, Sparkling, Sherry & Port
  • Homeware
  • Seasonal
  • Fragrance
  • Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Gifting

While on the face of it this seems all well and good, it does, unfortunately, restrict your spending quite a lot, as all your usual Grocery shopping is excluded.

This makes the Double Up promotion most useful for either Christmas Gifts or larger purchases from the Electrical or Homeware section.

So, if you’re after something like a new tele, or some kitchen equipment, this could be a good way to take advantage of the Double Up promo.

In fact, a savvy bargain hunter recently managed to get £130 worth of Nintendo Switch games for under £26 when she stacked her Double Up voucher with a £7.50 off £50 spent on store coupon. So, if you’ve got any of these in your purse or wallet it could be a chance to make some serious savings!

Another area that immediately looks appealing is the fact that you can buy toys with Double Up Vouchers. Obviously, it’s important to check that you can’t get a better deal elsewhere like Amazon or eBay.

But, for one of the most popular children’s toys, something my eldest is obsessed with and has a lorryload of, this could be a winner.

Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about LEGO…

Anyone who buys a lot of LEGO will know, there’s hardly any price difference between retailers so it’s really difficult to get deals on it.

So that fact that you can use your Double Up vouchers to buy LEGO is a big plus for me as it’s one of the few ways you can get a discount on it.

The same applies to things like the latest DVD releases. For example, Toy Story 4 that’s just been released on DVD, is £9.99 everywhere I’ve looked. But, as it falls into the entertainment category you can use Double Up vouchers.

So, if you’ve got Nectar points to spend, you’ll just need to be a bit strategic about what you spend you Double Up vouchers on to make the most of it…

Luckily, if you spot a deal while you’re shopping in Sainsbury’s you can exchange your points on the spot, as long as you’ve got the New Nectar App. This is the way I recommend exchanging your points for Double Up vouchers as you can do it instantly when you’re ready to buy. Without the risk of converting them and forgetting to spend them….

Small Print to be Aware of when Spending

There are also a few odd terms to be aware of when planning how to spend your Double Up vouchers to which are pretty confusing…

First off, the full value of the Double Up Vouchers must be spent in one transaction across included categories. Where the cost of the transaction is more you can top up the balance with either Nectar pints (at the usual exchange rate) or cash / payment card. Now, this is fairly standard and is one of my gripes with both the Boots Advantage Card and Morrisons More scheme which operate in a similar way.

Even more confusingly there are some additional terms around what you need to buy to use your vouchers. This is due to “operational reasons” apparently…

So here goes, I’ll try to explain it…

If the items, you want to buy from the included categories cost less than the value of your Double Up voucher then some restrictions apply.

The first Clause – Clause 17 in the terms and conditions

“Where the difference is more than 5p, then additional goods from your selected category must be purchased so that you use the full value of the Double Up Voucher.”

This clause reads to me that you can only spend a voucher on one category at a time. It’s rather confusing though as the clause above it in the terms and conditions (Clause 16) says this:

“The full value of the Nectar Double Up voucher must be spent in one transaction across the included categories.”

Sainsbury's Double Up Terms and Conditions Conflicting Clause Screenshot

Now, this really confused me but after checking with Sainsbury’s they confirmed you can spend your voucher across multiple categories, not just one, as the wording of clause 17 suggests.

However, due to the ambiguous nature of these two clauses, if you’re spending across multiple categories, I suggest double-checking with Sainsbury’s when you’re in-store, before you convert your points in the app.

Are you with me????

So, for example, let’s say you’re buying some LEGO that costs £8 like the set shown below.

Sainsbury's Lego Set Screenshot

This will mean if your spending a £10 voucher you’ll have a £2 difference between the value of your LEGO set and the value of your voucher.

So, in order to use your Double Up voucher, you’ll need to buy something else from a valid category to top up the value to £10 or over…

You can’t get the £2 change in either cash or a voucher or simply just write it off… You have to buy something else to top the value of the transaction up.

Hopefully, my example makes it clear but if not let me know in the comments below and I’ll try again… If at first, you don’t succeed……

Now onto the next Clause

Clause 2

Don’t worry this one’s OK and makes sense. Where the value of the purchased goods is between 1p and 5p less than the value of the goods, you can get change. The change will either be taken off other items your buying, or if you not buying anything else, you’ll get the change in cash…

So, if you’re buying Toy Story 4 for example of DVD for £9.99, you’ll get your penny change. Phew!

The important thing to remember though, is the first clause. Because you need to spend the full value of your voucher, please, please don’t go converting loads of points into a high-value voucher without knowing what you plan to buy first.

For example, if you get a £100 voucher, you’re going to need to spend it in one go on items are included in the promotion. So, make sure you know what you’re going to buy first!

Other Clauses

  • You need to make sure you’ve got your Nectar card with you to use your Double Up vouchers. This is especially important if your ordering physical vouchers. If your using the app it shouldn’t be an issue as the e-voucher will be store in the app along with your card details anyway…
  • You also won’t earn any Nectar points on your Double Up voucher spend.

Final Thoughts

So, to sum up. The Sainsbury’s Double Up Event could be a great way to spend your Nectar points. But you need to be careful not to get caught out as the terms of the promo aren’t that straightforward.

Make Sure you know what you’re going to buy before you exchange your points for vouchers. And don’t whatever you do, let your vouchers expire, or they’re gone for good.

Are you planning to double up your Nectar points? Or is the promotion just too confusing and restrictive for its own good? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Sainsbury’s double up Nectar Points?

Sainsbury’s run Nectar Double Up events once a year, usually in November.

In 2018 the event you could order physical double up vouchers from 29th October to 4th November to redeem in-store between the 12th and 18th November.

In 2017 you could convert points to vouchers in-store between the 8th and 21st November and redeem them between the 15th and 21st November.

Can you use double up Nectar Points in Argos?

Unfortunately, you can’t spend your Nectar Double Up vouchers in Argos, despite Argos now being owned by Sainsbury’s and located in some Sainsbury’s stores.

Sainsbury’s Double Up vouchers can only be redeemed in-store and but the offer is not available Online, in Concessions, Sainsbury’s Locals, Petrol Stations or Argos at Sainsbury’s.

How long do Nectar Points last?

Nectar points don’t actually expire, but Nectar accounts can be closed if they’re not used for 12 months.


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