What’s the Best Way to Spend Nectar Points? (and What Should You Avoid?)

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

If you’re a regular Sainsbury’s shopper, then there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated a fair few Nectar points. But, what’s the best way to spend them to make sure you get the most value from them?

In today’s post I’ll run through the various ways you can redeem your Nectar points and give you some pointers on the best ways to spend them… and the ones to avoid…

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What is the Nectar Loyalty Scheme?

The Nectar loyalty scheme is the UK’s largest loyalty card schemes currently owned by Sainsbury’s plc. It features a number of retail partners including Sainsbury’s, Esso and eBay. The scheme allows cardholders to collect Nectar points when they make purchases at nearly 400 partners.

Points can then be redeemed at a small selection of partners. So let’s find out how to spend those points…

How to Spend Nectar Points at Sainsbury’s

First up, is a bit of an obvious one – Sainsbury’s. If you’re anything like me Sainsbury’s shopping is probably how you’ve accumulated most of your Nectar points (and the reason you’ve got a Nectar card in the first place).

So, as Sainsbury’s owns the Nectar card scheme, it’s kind of obvious that you can spend your points there.

You only get back the standard Nectar point rate of 0.5p per point and annoyingly, you can only spend your points in Blocks of 500 (£2.50), which is slightly restrictive.

But once a year you get the chance to Double Up your Nectar points when Sainsbury’s run their Nectar Double Up promotion. You’ll need to convert your points into double up vouchers first though.

You can find out more here in my guide to the Nectar Double Up Promotion

This year you could spend your points between 13th and 19th November, and it tends to be around this time each year.

How to Spend Nectar Points at Sainsbury’s in-Store

It’s fairly straightforward to spend your points in Sainsbury’s stores. All you need to know is let the cashier at the till know that you want to spend your points and present either your physical Nectar card or the Nectar card app.

There is a term you need to be aware of though. You need to have shopped in a store recently to be able to spend your points. If you haven’t you can ask a member of staff to help out.

This isn’t likely to affect most people though as I imagine most people spend their points at their local Sainsbury’s anyway.

How to Spend Nectar Points at Sainsbury’s Online

You can also spend your Nectar points at Sainsbury’s online. You’ll need to convert your points into an e-voucher first though rather than using your card to discount your final bill (this would be simpler in my opinion!)

Can I spend my Points on Fuel at Sainsbury’s?

Yes, you can spend your Nectar points on fuel, but only when you pay at the Kiosk. You can’t redeem Nectar points when you pay at the pump (you can collect them though).

How to Spend Nectar Points on eBay

Did you know you can spend your Nectar points on eBay too? You can collect them on there as well, which I highly recommend as you collect them automatically on all your eBay purchases.

You can convert your Nectar points into eBay vouchers* in multiples of 500 Nectar points which are worth £2.50. Once you convert your points the vouchers are stored in your eBay Account until you want to spend them. To spend them though, you need to buy something that’s over £10 so bear this in mind before you convert your points.

Firstly though, you’ll need to link your eBay and Nectar accounts*.


Setting up eBay account to spend Nectar points screenshot

Click on the “Get Started” Box to start spending your points on eBay.

Once you’ve done this you can start spending your points by going to the “Buy” section of your account, then the Nectar sub-section.

I had to reverify my Nectar card for this even though I’d already linked my accounts. (You just get a text with a security code in it).

Then all you need to do is enter the amount of points you want to convert into eBay vouchers.

Convert Nectar points into eBay vouchers screenshot

Once you’ve been issued your eBay vouchers you can select them when you checkout on eBay.

Terms to be aware of:

You can create vouchers in 500 point increments up to a maximum of 40,000 points (£200) per voucher. I wouldn’t recommend converting into vouchers for such large amounts anyway as you can create multiple vouchers instead.

You can use multiple vouchers at the checkout as long as you’re spending £10 or more.

Once points are converted into vouchers they can’t be refunded and expire after 12 months so I recommend only converting them when you already know you’re going to spend them on something!

You can then spend the vouchers across all of ebay.co.uk but there are a few restrictions:

You can’t use them when buying things in the following categories:
Cars, Motorcycles and Vehicles (Parts and accessories are NOT excluded), Holidays & Travel, Property, Gift Vouchers & Coupons, Baby Formula

And, you can’t use them when buying from the following sellers on eBay:
Tesco outlet, Co-operative Electrical, Telephony providers offering Pay As You Go phones

One of the benefits of spending on eBay is that because you’re creating vouchers within eBay, you don’t have to click through from the Nectar site (as you used to need to with a lot of the Nectar partners) and potentially lose out on cashback offers.

This means you can stack your points with cashback if it’s available so it’s worth checking TopCashback* and Quidco* to see who’s got the best eBay cashback rate before you spend too.

For example, at the time of writing, TopCashback’s offering 1.1% cashback on eBay purchases

eBay TopCashback screenshot

but Quidco’s offering 3% so make sure you always check both to see who has the best deal.

eBay Quidco screenshot

If you don’t already have an account with both of these, you can sign up with TopCashback* and Quidco* using my links.

With Quidco you’ll get £10 once you reach £5 worth of cashback* and with TopCashback you’ll get a £5 voucher when you reach £10 cashback*.

How to Spend Nectar Points at Argos

One of my favourite ways to spend Nectar points is at Argos*.

Similar to spending your points at Sainsbury’s, 500 Nectar points is worth £2.50 at Argos. You can spend in-store by taking your Nectar card to a staffed till, then just let the member of staff know how many points you want to spend.

There’s also no maximum spend when spending your Nectar points in-store. But you do have to spend in 500-point (£2.50) increments.

How to Spend Nectar Points at Argos Online by Linking You Card

To spend online, like with eBay, you’ll need to link your Nectar card to your Argos account* first in the “Ways to Pay” section.

To get here click on the Account button then select “Ways to pay” from your Account screen.

Argos Account Screenshot

On the next screen, there will be an option for you to link your Nectar account to spend your points. You’ll also be able to collect Nectar points on special bonus items.

Argos Ways to Pay Link Nectar Card Screenshot

You’ll then need to enter your Nectar card number and enter your Nectar password to link it to your Argos account.

When you spend your points online you do have an upper limit on the number of points you can spend in one go.

You can spend a maximum of 40,000 Nectar points (£200) in one transaction when you use them online. You also have to use them in 500-point increments (as you do in-store), unless your points cover the entire purchase price.

To spend your points, you just need to select how many points you want to spend when you get to the payment screen.

Spending Nectar Points at Argos Screenshot

Can I part pay with Nectar points at Argos?

Yes, you can part pay with Nectar points at Argos and pay the balance with cash or card.

More Options for Spending Nectar Points

Apart from the obvious places, there aren’t a huge amount of choices. Nowhere near the choice you get when you want to spend Tesco Clubcard points.

Dulux Decorator Centres

This is quite a frustrating offer, to be honest. You can spend your points at Dulux Decorator Centres, but you’ll need to convert a minimum of 4,000 Nectar points (£20) into a voucher.

It’s also a massive faff to get your voucher. You have to call Nectar on 0344 811 0811 and select option 3 to spend your points. Then tell the contact centre rep that you want to spend them at Dulux Decorator Centre.

You’ve then got to wait up to 21 days for your voucher to be delivered!!! I’d bet tempted to avoid this one!

Caffé Nero

You can get a hot or iced drink in Caffe Nero for 350 points (£1.75).

To get this you need get a QR code using the Nectar app.

You can get it using a computer but as you need to show it in-store you’d need to print it off, so I think using the app is far easier.

Train Tickets with Eurostar and LINR


This is another massive faff. You can use your points to part pay with Eurostar and 500 points are worth the usual £2.50. Like the last example, you have to call Nectar again, let the person on the phone know you want to book with Eurostar, who then give you a quote…

Looking at the terms and conditions though, there’s also a £10 booking fee (because you’re paying over the phone presumably) so bear this in mind.

If you book directly with Eurostar online, you don’t have to pay the £10 fee.

So, again I’d advise against spending your Nectar points here because of this clause…


You can spend your points on train tickets with LNER (London North Eastern Railway). Again 500 points are worth £2.50 but fortunately, it’s far simpler than Eurostar’s process. In the Nectar partners section, you need to find LNER.

Then on the spending points section, click the blue “Get Voucher” button at the bottom.
Once you’ve confirmed how many Nectar points you want to redeem, you’ll get an email with an eVoucher code.

You can then claim the eVoucher back when you book online with LNER.

Where are the Best Places to Spend Nectar points?

Summing up, the Nectar scheme doesn’t offer the wealth of options that the Tesco Clubcard scheme offers. Where you can spend your points is quite limiting with very few chances to boost the value of your points.

This is pretty much limited to the Sainsbury’s Nectar Double Up Event that usually runs once a year (around November time). While this does give you the most value, you’ve got a small window of opportunity to use it.

Decent alternatives are Argos* and eBay* as you can either create vouchers to redeem again your order when you link your Nectar account.

Do you have a favourite way to spend your Nectar points? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nectar points expire?

No, Nectar points don’t expire strictly speaking. But they’re lost if an account is closed, and according to Nectar’s terms and conditions, an account can be closed if there’s been no activity on it for 12 months.

Can you pay with Nectar points at TU online?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Nectar points when ordering online at the TU website. Although you can use your points to buy any TU clothes you buy in Sainsbury’s stores.

Can I buy train tickets with Nectar Points?

Yes, you can redeem your Nectar points with Eurostar or LNER (London North Eastern Trains).

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