Streetbees App Review: Make Decent Money for Short Surveys and Tasks on your Phone

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

While looking at ways to make money from home, I’ve tried a few mobile apps recently including survey apps and even apps that pay you to walk. So far I’ve been disappointed with the potential to make money with some of the apps around like OnePulse and CitizenMe.

Another app I’ve loaded onto my phone is Streetbees. In this post, I’ll walk you through my experience with Steetbees and why I think this is an app trumps both CitizenMe and OnePulse.

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Streetbees App Review: Earn Extra Cash on Your Mobile Phone with this Top Paying Survey App.

What is Streetbees All About?

Streetbees is a money-making app that sends you short tasks and surveys that you can get paid for. Once you’ve completed the tasks you get paid once a week via PayPal. The Streetbees App is available on either iPhone or Android and is free to install.

Is Streetbees Legitimate?

Yes – Streetbees is a genuine money earning app that pays you for answering short surveys on your phone.

What are the Streetbees Tasks like?

Streetbees Surveys are a little bit different to standard survey sites like Prolific Academic and PopulusLive. Unlike website-based survey sites, all surveys are delivered via the Streetbees app, which is free to download on iTunes or Google Play.

Streetbees surveys and tasks are also different to other micro survey apps like OnePulse and CitizenMe. These tend to consist of a few short questions for an equally small amount of cash.

The surveys on Streetbees though, tend to be slightly longer, and often require a bit more interaction. You often need to take a photo or short video for example.

How the surveys are delivered is also very different to most other survey apps and sites. Streetbees delivers the surveys and tasks in messaging format, like WhatsApp for example. This is really unique and quite a nice feature.

Streetbees Story Screen - tasks delivered like a messaging app.
Tasks are delivered like a messaging app.

On the downside, some of the survey requirements can be a bit cryptic. So, it’s sometimes unclear what you actually need to do to take part…

Streetbees Screenshot of a Story that Pays £2 for 5 minutes work with a photo.

How do Streetbees Payments Work and How Much Can You Earn?

The great thing about Streetbees is that it pays you pretty much as soon as a story is approved, which is great. There’s no minimum cash-out balance either which is pretty cool. Payment is made via PayPal once a week.

The pay rates for the tasks are good. They vary depending on the task (or story as they’re called within the Streetbees app). Most of them though tend to be at least £1 each for less than 5 minutes’ worth of work.

This gives a rate higher than the highest a paying survey site I currently use – Populus Live which pays £1 per 5 minutes of your time (£12 /hr)

I’ve also had some task that pay more than this. For example, I recently had a series of daily tasks where I recorded my shopping (Shopping Diary task). This paid £2 for each shopping list I recorded an answered a few short questions on, and it took less than 5 minutes – KerrChiinng!!!!

Streetbees Earnings Graph showing paid stories for Grocery Shopping Diary.

The tasks do tend to be very sporadic though, so after getting a flurry of well-paid surveys, I’m now back to the screen below….

Streetbees Screenshot - It's a Little Quiet Now. Screenshot when no stories or tasks available.

Streetbeees Referral Code

Streetbees has a refer a friend program where you can earn for each friend who uses your referral code. My Streetbees referral code is 7967MH.


  • Very good rate of pay for short tasks and surveys
  • Quite fun tasks
  • Convenient – as it’s an app you can complete the tasks whenever you’ve got a few spare minutes
  • Quick payment via PayPal with no Cash-Out limit


  • Descriptions for some of the surveys can be a bit cryptic
  • A sporadic number of surveys. After a flurry in November, I haven’t had any paid tasks to complete so it’s not a consistent earner.
  • No push notifications so you need to keep checking back. This is a real pain to be honest and severely limits the potential to earn.
  • As with other survey sites screening out can be frustrating
Streetbees Review

My Verdict

Streetbees is worth installing on your phone -it’s not going to make you rich, but it will give you a little extra pocket money each month. The payment is decent for the tasks you get and the fact that you get paid within a few days with no cash-out limit is a great plus. I much prefer this to the likes of One Pulse where you have to hit $5 to cash out (I still haven’t hit this!).

So, all in all a fun little app that can make you a bit of extra cash when you have a few minutes.

If you’re looking for more ways to make money, take a look at my post on website testing or my reviews of PopulusLive Surveys and Prolific Academic Surveys.

If you’re after more apps for your phone take a look at my OnePulse and CitizenMe reviews.

Thanks for reading, and if you found this review useful please share or comment below. Until next time!


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