How Much are Superdrug Points Worth? (And is the Health & Beautycard Any Good?)

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2020)

I’m a big fan of loyalty cards as you basically get something for nothing. So, in today’s post I’m going to be taking a look at Superdrug’s offering – the Health and Beautycard. I’ll run through, how it works, how much Superdrug points are worth, how to get one and how to use it. So, let’s take a look at Superdrug’s Loyalty scheme and see if it’s any good.

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What is the Superdrug Health and Beautycard?

The Superdrug Health and Beautycard is the loyalty card offered by Superdrug. It’s basically Superdrug’s equivalent to the Boots Advantage Card.

It was originally launched in 2011 and was called “The Beautycard”. It was then renamed as “The Health and Beautycard” in 2015 to give it a broader appeal.

How Does the Superdrug Beauty Card Work?

The Superdrug Health and Beautycard works in pretty much the same way as most other loyalty cards such as the Boots Advantage card, Tesco Clubcard or the Nectar scheme. Basically, you earn points whenever you spend in-store or online*. You can then use your points to get money off future purchases.

How Much are Superdrug Points Worth?

With the Beauty card you get 1 point per £1 you spend in-store or online*. You can spend £1 for every 100 points you collect making 1 point worth 1p.

You can find out the actual value of your Superdrug points using the handy calculator below.

Superdrug Points Calculator.

How do I get a Superdrug Beautycard?

To get a Superdrug card you can either get a Free card in-store then register it online*, or if you prefer to fill out an application form instore.

Alternatively, you can download the app, set up a new account and create a digital card within the app.

Superdrug App Account Creation and Login screenshot

To register using the app you just need to.

  • Enter your email and choose a password.
  • If you have a card already you can enter the number in the app. If you haven’t you can select the checkbox at the bottom of the page to “Create a digital Health & Beautycard

Create digital Superdrug Health and Beautycard screenshot

  • Then you need to fill in your name and address.

How to Collect Superdrug Points

Collecting Superdrug points in-store is just a case of presenting your card at the checkout. Once it’s been swiped by the cashier, your in-store spend will be tracked, earning you point son your card.

To collect pints online at you’ll need to link your Health and Beauty Card to your online account.

How to Spend Superdrug Points

Spending your points is pretty simple. You simply hand over your Superdrug card at the till in-store and let the cashier know how many points you want to spend. You can only spend them in increments of 100 though (£1 increments).

One of the good points about the Superdrug scheme is that you can use your points as part payment. This sets it apart from the Boots Advantage Card that rather annoyingly only lets you spend your points if the value of your points covers the entire purchase cost.

That being said the Superdrug rate is far less generous than the Advantage scheme, but I guess you can’t have everything!

Do Superdrug Points Expire?

Superdrug Health and Beauty Card points last 24 months from the date your first collect them. Plus, your account needs to be active at least once every rolling 12-month period. If it isn’t your account is deemed to be inactive and can be closed (forfeiting all pints). This is something to be aware of if you’re an infrequent Superdrug shopper and have a card.

How to add points to Superdrug card online from your Receipt

If you forget your card 9or just forget to scan it), then you can still add your points as long as you’ve got your receipt.

You can log into your online Superdrug account and click on the “Claim points” button.

Then you get a screen like this

Adding Points to Superdrug card using the app

You then just fill out the form and submit it.

You’ll need to fill in:

  • Receipt Number: This is marked at the bottom of your receipt.
  • Store number: This is marked on the receipt next to the word “STORE”
  • Till number: This is the code beginning with a “T”
  • Receipt date
  • Total amount spent

If you’re not sure where to find any of the information, the form has a little icon marked “Where can I find this”. If you click on this, it brings up a picture of a receipt and indicates which code you need.

Other Benefits

You don’t just get points with the Beautycard though. You also get some nice extra perks for being a member of the scheme.

Superdrug App member benefits screenshot

Free Standard Delivery on orders over £10

With the Beautycard, you get free delivery on online orders when you spend over £10. Non-beauty card members need to spend over £15 so this is a nice perk if shop online at Superdrug.

Treat Thursday

You get access to exclusive discounts every Thursday. You’ll need at online Superdrug account and you get the offers emailed to you. So, again a nice perk if you’re looking for some extra discounts.
Bonus Points

Superdrug also periodically runs special events where you can earn triple points or extra bonus points when you buy selected products or shop during the event. Don’t get blinded by the points offers though, always make sure the same product isn’t available somewhere else for a cheaper price.

At the end of the day, loyalty points offers are just another form of promotion to boost sales and don’t always give you the best deal.

Member Pricing

You get discounted prices on selected products. The eligible products change every few weeks and like the Treat Thursday offers, the discounted products are emailed to you.

Birthday Gift – Freebie Alert!

Finally, a nice little touch is the Birthday gift. On your birthday you get an exclusive treat from Superdrug.

Signing Off

So there you go, everything you need to know about Superdrug’s Loyalty Card. Do you use the Superdrug Health and Beautycard? How do you think it stacks up against the Boots Advantage Card? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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