How Much are Tesco Clubcard Points Worth?

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2019)

The Tesco Clubcard is one of the most well-known supermarket loyalty schemes in the UK. But how much are your points worth in cash? Find out below and try the handy calculators.


What is Tesco Clubcard?

The Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty scheme operated by Tesco in the UK. It works by rewarding you with Clubcard points every time you shop at Tesco, either in-store, online or at petrol stations.

What is a Tesco Clubcard Point Worth?

A Tesco Clubcard Point is worth 1p, which makes it one of the more straightforward loyalty schemes. Far less confusing than Nectar points or Morrisons points! This makes it pretty straight forward to calculate the value of your Clubcard points. With 1 point being worth 1p this means that 100 Tesco points give you £1 in vouchers, 1,000 would be £10 and so on.

Tesco Clubcard Points Calculator

How Many Points are on my Tesco Clubcard?

To find out your Clubcard points balance you can either check your Clubcard account or the bottom of your till receipt if you’ve just shopped at Tesco. The balance won’t show points earned in the last 48 hours though.

 How Many Clubcard Points do I need for a Voucher?

You need a minimum of 150 points to receive a Tesco voucher which is equivalent to £1.50 in vouchers. To earn 150 points, you’ll need to spend £150 in-store. Once you hot the £1.50 threshold, you’ll receive another 50 pence voucher for every 50 Clubcard points you save.

What Can I use Tesco Clubcard Points for?

You can spend your Tesco vouchers in-store or you can boost the value of them to spend with Tesco partners. Check out my guide on the best ways to boost your Clubcard points. Tesco Rewards allow you to triple the value of your Clubcard points when you exchange them for a voucher.

To calculate the value of your Clubcard rewards based on your point balance, use the calculator below.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards Calculator

Do Tesco Points Expire?

Yes, Clubcard points are valid for 2 years before they expire if the Clubcard account hasn’t been used. The vouchers last for 2 years from the date they’re issued too.

But, there’s a handy little trick originally shared by MoneySavingExpert that lets you extend the expiry date by another two years. It involves making a small purchase (for example a 50p restaurant voucher) on the Tesco Clubcard site. The balance of your voucher is then credited back to your Clubcard account as points again. So, for example, if you have a £10 voucher, you can spend 50p on restaurant vouchers and get £9.50 in points credited back to your Clubcard account.

Do Tesco Points Roll Over?

Yes, any Tesco Clubcard points that aren’t converted into vouchers during a collection period are carried over onto your next statement.

For example, if you have 270 Clubcard points, 250 will be converted into £2.50 worth of vouchers and 20 points will be carried over to your next statement.

Final Thoughts

The Tesco Clubcard scheme is certainly one of the most generous of the supermarket loyalty schemes. Plus, the option to boost your points to make them worth even more is especially good. One of my favourite offers at the moment is to spend them with NOW TV* to effectively get a month’s entertainment pass for £3 worth of points.

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