TescoViews: What is it?… And, is it Worth the Hassle for 25 Clubcard Points?

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2019)

On my visit to Tesco yesterday, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before at the bottom of my receipt.

“A chance to win a £1000 Tesco Gift Card and collect 25 Clubcard Points
Visit www.tescoviews.com.”

This intrigued me as it isn’t something I’ve come across before and I’m always on the lookout for ways to get some extra points to save money at the supermarket. The Tesco scheme’s also the program I use the most, as I shop more at Tesco than Sainsbury’s, Asda or Morrisons. This means I rack up more Clubcard than Morrisons More or Nectar points as a rule. So, I had a look into it to see what Tescoviews is all about.

What is Tesco Views?

Tesco Views is Tesco’s online customer satisfaction survey portal. Basically, they want to hear your feedback to improve in-store customer service and the platform their using is Tesco Views. But as with all customer satisfaction surveys, who can really be bothered to fill these in. Usually, none of us unless there’s some kind of incentive. That’s why you get the chance to win a £1000 Tesco Gift Card and 25 bonus Clubcard points just for taking part.

Who’s Eligible to Take Part in Tesco Views?

To take part and get entered into the prize draw (plus get your Clubcard points) you just need to be a UK resident over the age of 18. Unfortunately, if you work for Tesco you can’t take part as the offer isn’t open to Tesco employees or InMoment Inc (the company that runs the survey) employees.

How Does TescoViews Work?

It’s pretty simple. You just visit the Tesco Views website – www. tescoviews.com to get started. Fill out a few questions and earn you 25 Clubcard points and entry into the prize draw. Here’s a step-by-step run through.

First off though, you just need to enter your store number using the 4-digit code on one of your receipts

How do you Find the 4 Digit Store Code?

You can find the code at the bottom of your in-store shopping receipt, on your Tesco café receipt or using one the feedback forms with a QR code that you’ll find in-store by the tills (see below).

Tesco Store 4 Digit Code Example

Once you’ve done this it’s time to get into the questions and let Tesco know how they did on your visit.

The first screen asks you what part of the store you want to give feedback on – the main store or the Tesco Café.

TescoViews Store or Cafe Visit Screenshot

What Type of Information to you Need to Provide?

It’s fairly standard stuff in the survey, to be honest, so it only takes a few minutes to complete the survey.

You’ll need to provide details about:

  • The date and time of your visit
  • What type of shop you did
  • What type of checkout you used
  • Based on this visit how likely are you to recommend this Tesco store, along with some extra comments in this section to give more depth to your rating. You can provide a video to give your feedback if you like or just type in the comments box.

TescoViews Extra Detail Screenshot

Just a quick note, if you give a poor rating (as I did in this case) you’ll be asked if you want somebody from Tesco to contact you to discuss in more detail. You can say no to this if you just want your Clubcard points unless you feel really strongly about something and want to complain. If you do want to raise a complaint though this is probably a pretty good way to do it.

You’ll then be asked about some more questions about your visit such as:

  • How impressed you were with the staff
  • What the car parking was like
  • How clean and tidy the store was
  • How easy it was to find the items you were looking for and whether you were happy with their product range
  • How happy you were with their pricing
  • Whether you were happy with your wait at the checkout
  • How you’d rate your experience overall, and
  • Whether or not you were offered a Blue token for the community fund – unfortunately again, I didn’t get one of these on my visit, but I am a fan of them. I really like the idea of choosing where to donate and what to support in the local community. My little boy likes putting the tokens in the boxes too

Tesco Views Overall Shopping Experience Question Screenshot

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll get the screen below asking if you want to answer some more. I did, as I just wanted to see how many more there were.

When I did this there was just one extra question here asking if I visited anywhere else such as the petrol station, pharmacy, F&F clothing section or the Customer Service Desk.

You’ll then be asked some questions about your personal circumstances. These are just questions such as your age group, household set up, your employment status and household income.

However, if you’re not happy sharing this information you can just tick the “Prefer not to answer” box on these questions.

Then, all you have to do is fill out your name, phone number (not required), email address (required) and Clubcard number. This gets you 25 Clubcard points and entry into the draw for a £1000 Tesco Gift Card.

How Long Does it Run For?

The Tescoviews scheme is running until 1st September 2020, so you’ve got plenty of time to claim some extra Clubcard points.

How Many Clubcard Points Can You Earn?

You can collect 25 points each month and be entered into the prize draw once a month per household. So, in theory, you can collect 300 extra Clubcard points a year if you take part every month. This means you can earn a total of 350 Clubcard Points if you start now and enter every month up until the offer closes on the 1st September 2020.

How Does the Prize Draw for the £1000 Tesco Gift Card Work?

There is only one £1000 Gift Card up for grabs each month, and the prize draw takes place on the first Tuesday of each calendar month. Winners are selected at random from all entries received before the 1st of each month. Any entries received after that automatically get entered into the next prize draw.

How Do You Find out if You’ve Won?

If your one of the lucky winners of the £1000 Gift Card you’ll be contacted either by phone or email the day after the prize draw. Then you can do your happy dance! Your gift card will then be sent to you by recorded delivery.

When Do You Get Your Clubcard Points?

This is something to be aware of. The Clubcard points aren’t credited to your account immediately so if you don’t see them in your Clubcard balance straight away, don’t panic. The Clubcard points get credited to your account within 40 days of completing the survey. They’ll be displayed in your next quarterly statement in the “Other Points” section.

What Else is in the Terms and Conditions that You Need to Know?

The Terms and Conditions document is quite lengthy but there are a few other things you need to be aware of in case you’re not comfortable with them.

“Winners may be asked to partake in publicity surrounding their win though this is not compulsory.”

This isn’t a particular issue as it isn’t compulsory, so if you’re not one for the limelight don’t worry.

However, you need to be aware of the next clause I spotted in there:

“Winners agree to their names and photographs being used for promotional purposes. Copyright in all material submitted as entries rests with the promoter.”

There’s no reference to this not being compulsory. So, I read this as if you win your name will be going on the website in the winner’s section. So again, if you’re not comfortable with this it’s something to bear in mind.

“If the Promoter is unable to contact a winner or the prize is not collected, an alternative winner may be drawn at random and the Promoter shall have no liability to the original winner.”

So, make sure if you give your phone details you check any voicemails, and make sure you check your emails too.

Final Thoughts

So, is TescoViews worth taking part in? Well, put simply yes, the survey itself only takes a few minutes and you’ll be in with a shot at winning £1000 gift card. It’s probably very unlikely you’ll win but as far as prize draws go you don’t have to put a lot of effort to enter.

You also get the bonus of 25 Clubcard points each time you enter but this works out at roughly 25p, so it isn’t a huge incentive on its own. If you’re looking for better ways to make money using surveys then something like PopulusLive is a better bet. But, if you want to give some feedback on your local Tesco then you might as well, and you might even get some improvements to the store if you’re lucky!

As always, thanks for reading. Have you tried Tescoviews? Have you been one of the lucky winners of the prize draw? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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