Welcome to Pennies for the Piggy Bank

Hi, I’m Si.

Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

I created this blog so that I can record my journey working from home. I’ll share the ways I make extra money each month plus money-saving tips I use to make my cash go further.

Previously I worked in a Corporate 9 to 5 job, which I hated! I was obsessed with saving as much as possible so I could retire early and escape the rate race. Ridiculous for someone in their mid-thirties I know!!!

I also hated the fact that my youngest son had spent his whole early childhood in full-time childcare. My wife and I both had stressful jobs and I was ready for a change.

In 2017, I was made redundant from my job. This wasn’t a bad thing – I really needed a change for my own sanity!!! At the time my wife was 6 months pregnant and my oldest son was due to start his first year at school.

I was lucky enough to land a freelance role, which gave me the flexibility I was yearning for. I could work from home and collect my eldest son from school which was a massive bonus for us as a family.

We also made an unconventional decision. My wife would only take 3 months maternity leave, so I could stay at home to look after our latest addition. Again, freelancing allowed me to do this. Although, I have to say, being a stay at home parent is a lot tougher than I ever thought… Seeing things from the other side of the fence has definitely opened my eyes!

At this point, I decided to look at extra ways to earn money from home, to give me complete control of my own finances.

In this blog, I’ll share my journey with you – warts and all!! I’ll share how I get on with different ways to make and save money each month. I’ll post about what works.… and what doesn’t… so you can learn from my mistakes and successes.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful.

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